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Feb 2, 2010 01:47 PM

Retail Oysters in Toronto

I'm looking primarily for freshness and variety, preferably south of 401. I plan on trying to shuck them myself, so if future postings contain spelling mistakes, I may have lost a digit or two.

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  1. Diana's has a big selection of fresh oysters.

    I bought 6 dozen oysters for an oysterfest a few weeks ago and enjoyed the four dozen I bought there.

    I recommend the Virginica oysters I picked up on my last visit. If you see Blue Points, they are also good.

    Here is a short guide that mentions Virginica oysters:

    1. I got incredibly fresh Kumamoto and Beausoleil oysters from Diana's Seafood for a New Years Eve party. Good price too.

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          I concur that Diana's is the best source in the city for oysters. They're second to none.