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Fort Defiance - how are the waits for brunch on weekends?

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I'm planning to be in Red Hook on Sunday for an event at 1pm and I'd like to leave enough time to have brunch at Fort Defiance beforehand. I know how NYC brunch waits can be at some places and want to plan ahead. About what kind of wait can I expect? What time should I plan to arrive to put my name in?

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  1. I went this past Sunday at around 12:30 and was seated right away, but it was pretty crowded -- I think mine was one of 2 available tables at that moment. I might have just gotten lucky. That said, the food was pretty disappointing and I would not return.

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      Never been there on a weekend, but had the brunch menu on a holiday weekend Monday. No wait. But, slow and lackadaisical service. Agree that the food was disappointing.

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        I agree with both posters. Have had lunch and brunch there. Won't go back again, but I would give dinner a shot. (At brunch on Saturday at 1pm- there was no wait).