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Feb 2, 2010 01:38 PM

Fort Defiance - how are the waits for brunch on weekends?

I'm planning to be in Red Hook on Sunday for an event at 1pm and I'd like to leave enough time to have brunch at Fort Defiance beforehand. I know how NYC brunch waits can be at some places and want to plan ahead. About what kind of wait can I expect? What time should I plan to arrive to put my name in?

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  1. I went this past Sunday at around 12:30 and was seated right away, but it was pretty crowded -- I think mine was one of 2 available tables at that moment. I might have just gotten lucky. That said, the food was pretty disappointing and I would not return.

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      Never been there on a weekend, but had the brunch menu on a holiday weekend Monday. No wait. But, slow and lackadaisical service. Agree that the food was disappointing.

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        I agree with both posters. Have had lunch and brunch there. Won't go back again, but I would give dinner a shot. (At brunch on Saturday at 1pm- there was no wait).