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Feb 2, 2010 12:13 PM

Costco Pesto

Has anyone tried the jarred pesto that Costco carries? I would like to use some pesto without having the time to make homemade.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I have bought it many times. It's kind of a large jar for two of us, but we'll use it on crackers for a mid afternoon snack on the weekends to help use it up faster. It's never a problem to eat it quickly, it's that good!

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      Freeze it flat in small (1 pint) freezer bags. See photo. When you need some pesto, just break off a hunk.

        1. re: booch221

          I freeze it in ice cube trays and then bag it. The jar is so big that if I try to eat it all before it goes bad I suffer from pesto burn-out. Freezing solves that, it freezes perfectly.

            1. re: Sarah

              I kept it over a year. The oil helps keep it from getting freezer burn and drying out.

      1. Used to make my own but no longer have a garden for basil. After discovering Costco's I have no regrets - it's really good. It also freezes well.

        1. We've used it too. Made a pesto pasta. You can freeze it, and we tried it on home made pizza which was good.

          1. The Cibo stuff? It's pretty good but like the other posters I find it hard to use it all with just 2 people.

            But considering WF has the same product at about 10 times the price, even if you have to toss some you're still ahead.

            1. The Kirkland brand??

              It's great. I always have a jar on hand.

              I like to buy the two packs of 3 cheese tortellini and use them as the pasta. I usually sweat some onion, add pesto, add cooked tort. and add some hot smoked salmon. Top with fresh grated parm. It's great.


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