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Feb 2, 2010 12:12 PM

Rhong Tiam/Kurve

The Voice fork in the road blog reports that Rhong Tiam has closed, but that their full menu is served at Kurve:

Beyond the scary decor, anybody have more info on the food at Kurve? Please tell me that the fantastic Khao Soi noodles, spinach on fire and pork on fire are still there and still awesome.

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  1. I've noted everyone is scared of the decor. But you know, it's very authentic--there are a a lot of funky-upscale places in Bangkok decorated just like Kurve. But I too want to know the answer to rose water's question--is the food the same as at dear departed Rhong Tiam??

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    1. re: chowbie

      Kurve authentically reproduces the ambiance of a Thai restaurant on Venus.

      1. re: Bob Martinez

        L O L

        I'm just glad to know Rhong Tiam is still alive.

      2. re: chowbie

        I've been ordering takeout from Kurve for the past 2 years ever since they began ambiguously advertising themselves as Rhong Tiam's East Village delivery outpost. Though I couldn't fathom enjoying a meal within that space-station interior (at least not without a sleek unitard and some seriously angular cheekbones), the food has yet to disappoint me.

        Pork on Fire and drunken noodles are my usual standbys, so I can't speak to the khao soi noodles directly; however, every dish I've had compared favorably with the standards I'd come to expect at Kurve's earthbound (and now buried) West Village counterpart..

      3. We were there Sunday night, and the food was just like at the other location. The decor is weird but we sat in the front by the window and it was fun to watch the very lively east village street scene.

        1. We were at Kurve/Rhong Tiam for lunch last weekend- Yes, the decor is scary- and filthy. The bathrooms were pretty bad on a Saturday for lunch. We were the only people in the place for the hour that we were there.

          But we too sat in the window corner and watched the people, and loved the pork on fire, southern style chicken, calamari and peking duck rolls (only liked those).