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Craft Beer Pubs or Food Specialty Stores in Charlotte

I am looking at moving into Charlotte, and I have been reading all the posts about the great restaurants available, but I wanted to know if there any great craft brewers/pubs or specialty food stores available, and which ones are the best. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm not much of a craft beer drinker anymore so I'll let others chime in on that but as far as specialty foods go, can you please be more specific?

    I moved from another area and can say that with a little hunting, I can find pretty much everything I need "specialty-wise". There are Asian, Latin and Indian grocers. I've found a really good Italian butcher/specialty food shop near me. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll tell you if it's available and decent.

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      I'd love to know the Italian shop you mentioned!

    2. I don't live in Charlotte but I will travel quite a bit to get to Dean and Deluca. Not sure about the beer but I'd like to find out.

      1. Brawley's beer store on Park Road is going to be your friend. Mac's Speed Shop BBQ has a shit ton of beers. The Wine Vault in North Charlotte has great beers and a patio. Even Harris Teeters & Earthfare grocery stores have lots of choices. You will find that CLT has a lot of craft beers on menus around uptown, Central Ave. When you start looking for certain restaurants, I think you be pleasantly surprised.

        We have a great Italian market, Pasta & Provisions, homemade pasta, meats, sauces, wine, as well as all the grocery stores mentioned already.

        1. 2nd the motion for Brawley's -- not just for the great beer selection, but also for the carefully chosen wine shelves -- and always 2nd the motion for Pasta & Provisions. And I'll add What's Your Beef butcher, which just moved from Waxhaw to Ballantyne, and both Ferrucci's and Derado's Italian markets in Cornelius. Also for beer: Flying Saucer in UCity and Pizza Peel in Cotswold. I also heard yesterday about an Italian market in Stallings called Enzo's, but I haven't had a chance to go by. Geez, I just heard about it yesterday.

          1. There is only one non-chain brewery in Charlotte, and thats Olde Meck. They have a brew pub of sorts. Their quality has been inconsistent from batch to batch but I believe its getting better. There was word of another brewery opening up but AFAIK Old Meck is the only one right now.

            Duckworths at Park and Woodlawn has an amazing rotation of taps; soon to move around the corner and adding more taps and a cask engine.

            Vintner Market in the Arboretum has some interesting taps that rotate often. Grapevine in Ft. Mill does growler fills of hard to find brews.

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              Four Friends Brewery just opened in South Charlotte. You can also find great beer at Custom Home Pubs in South Park (behind the Harpers). Kind of random to drink beer in a home pub store, but they serve a lot of small, local breweries. Also check out Common Market (both in South End and Plaza Midwood) Thomas stocks some amazing craft beers. There are numerous restaurants that serve regional craft brews (Dandelion Market, The Liberty, Brixx, Duckworths)

            2. There are some great craft brewers in North Carolina, but Charlotte is not where many of them are located. In Charlotte, Olde Mecklenburg does a nice job with German style beers, if you like those styles. Also, the brewer at Rock Bottom is given flexibility to brew small batches outside of the corporate recipes. He is very capable and sometimes posts what he has produced to the Carolina Brewmasters listserve. I imagine there are also other ways to keep abreast of their specials.

              With respect to other NC-based craft breweries who bottle, keep you eyes peeled for Highland, Duck Rabbit, and Pisgah (though you will have to drive up to Asheville to get it). Speaking of Asheville, there are well over half a dozen breweries/brewpubs in that area and it is well worth a trip if you are interested in craft beer.

              1. For speciality food stores:

                Bombay Bazaar - on South Blvd and Archdale in Starmount Plaza. Indian store with spices, mixes, rice, etc.

                Hatoya - on South Blvd/Polk Street in Pineville. This is a Japanese store with packaged foods, condiments, and a frozen section.

                Halal International - North Sharon Amity Road - Middle East grocer with a meat counter.

                Glieberman's - kosher deli off Providence road

                You will not lack for Asian markets or Latin markets, especially in East or South Charlotte.

                1. I also forgot to add Common Market, both the original on Commonwealth Ave and the SouthEnd location, for great beer selection.

                  1. I'm a wine guy so I'll leave the beer issue to the others (so far they are all spot on!)

                    Are you looking for specialty food or special food?

                    For special food I would recommend:

                    Compare Foods on Independence for any Mexican/Central American/Peruvian necessities. Also, fresher and better assortment of produce at 1/2 the price of Harris Teeter,

                    A slew of Asian Markets around town (mostly on Central Ave/South Blvd/North Tryon) Huge SE Asian population in Charlotte because of many GI's based out of NC during the '70's

                    Nova on Central has great bread.

                    Lang Van is the best for Vietnamese food but it's a restaurant.

                    No great sub/sandwich shops or hot dogs but there's still time. . .

                    My current Charlotte motto is: "if you want it, you can find it. . . " Just get away from the sterile areas and it will all be there for you!

                    Good luck - I moved here 13 years ago and had to learn to make pizza and ethnic Chinese - it's easy now!

                    1. Thanks for all the replies. Really helpful information. I am going to stretch my luck out a little bit and ask to see if anyone knows of good quality Farmer's Markets and their locations? thanks again.

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                        Of course. How many do you want? Winter or summer-only? Grower-only? Winter markets are mostly the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, on Yorkmont Road btw Tyvola and Billy Graham; the Matthews Community Farmers Market, every other Saturday morning until spring (this week is an "on" week), and the Davidson Farmers Market, every other Saturday alternating with Matthews.

                        The regional is the largest, as the official N.C. Dept. of Ag market for the area. It's open all week, but local growers tend to be there on Saturday mornings. A lot of them display "Local Farmer Local Food" signs or flags, but they mostly cluster at one end of the center building. Matthews and Davidson are grower-only markets.

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                          There are also 2 smaller, seasonal farmer's markets. One is located in the center of Uptown, on the "square", at the corner of Trade and Tryon Streets. There is an excellent fishmonger there, among other vendors. Close to Uptown, in the Southend neighborhood is the Tailgate Market. Its located at the corner of Park Avenue (not Park Road!) and Camden Road. Both operate from April/May through September/October.

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                            The Mecklenburg County Market is year round as well, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Its a little building on Harding Pl., in the shadow of CMC.

                            Around the corner at Morehead and Kings is the Kings Dr. Market which is seasonal, spring to fall. Some local, some not. Good fish seller.

                          2. if you are interested in craft beers, consider checking out the Charlotte Beer Club. We hold tastings all over the greater Charlotte area with local, regional and national craft brewers. There is also a free tasting every wednesday at Common Market in Plaza Midwood and every Thursday at the Common Market in Southend. If you haven't been, check out The Flying Saucer, they have an insane amount of taps.

                            http://www.meetup.com/beerclub/ or search facebook.
                            Also upcoming is the Charlotte Craft Beer week (http://www.charlottecraftbeerweek.org/)

                            1. For a good selection of beer at a restaurant / pub try out "The Lodge" @ Colony & Rea - they have 100 beers. Pretty good selection for a small sports bar. And have some food while you are there - yummy stuff!

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                                Just curious - what did you have that you thought was yummy?

                              2. to echo a lot of the suggestions :Brawley's and the Common Market (both locations) are your best bet for specialty beer stores. The Common Market also has a few taps and wine by the glass. My favorite places for beers on tap are currently Revolution Pizza in NoDa ($3.00 pints on Thursdays) and the Dandelion Market in Uptown (not a market but a bar/restaurant). It's not in my rotation but the Pizza Peel also has a lot of craft beer on tap.

                                There is a new permanent farmer's market opening this weekend 5/15 in the Atherton mill complex in South End run by the founder's of the tailgate market which will be local produce/meat/etc:


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                                  Short update on Asheville beer: Last count was 10 microbreweries in the area. Bruisin Ales has an extremely large selection of microbrews from all over. Check out the Happy Hour Guys videos of the Asheville beer scene. Last note is that Asheville just won the title of Beer City USA for the second consecutive year.

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                                    Asheville is 2 hours from Charlotte, fyi.

                                2. Growing up in Asheville, 99% of the beer brewed their is amazing and you can find a fair share of bottled Asheville brews in Charlotte at stores like Earthfare, to the Teeter to Total Wine. You really should take the trip west and do what I do, I pack up the car with several growlers and fill them up while I'm there.

                                  Another great NC beer is Natty Greene's brewed in Greensboro. They bottle but you can't find them down in Charlotte for some reason. I talked to the bartender in Greensboro and for some reason Harris Teeter won't ship it south, but you can get Natty Greene's in Sparta, NC! Go figure.

                                  Old Meck... imho is bleh. Living in Charlotte for two years I give them a chance everynow and then... always a disapointment.


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                                    I want to thank everyone for all the helpful tips and amazing places. I visited Charlotte in July and loved every bit of the city. As a matter of fact, I'll be moving there in November to attend Johnson & Wales culinary program. Now I just need to find apartments. jajajaja! Wish me luck! and again, Thanks!!

                                  2. try the new Growlers in NODA - opened this week. Craft beer pub.

                                    1. I know this is an old post, I wonder if he or she ever made the leap to CLT! The Wine Shop at Foxcroft on Fairview Road, just added six taps and got a good write up on the CLT burger blog, what more could you ask for?

                                      Six new taps. Delirium Tremens, Bell's Oberon, Great Divide Hercules Double IPA, Mother Earth Brewing Weeping Willow Witt, New Holland Dragon's Milk & Victory Prima Pils