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Feb 2, 2010 11:16 AM

Craft Beer Pubs or Food Specialty Stores in Charlotte

I am looking at moving into Charlotte, and I have been reading all the posts about the great restaurants available, but I wanted to know if there any great craft brewers/pubs or specialty food stores available, and which ones are the best. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm not much of a craft beer drinker anymore so I'll let others chime in on that but as far as specialty foods go, can you please be more specific?

    I moved from another area and can say that with a little hunting, I can find pretty much everything I need "specialty-wise". There are Asian, Latin and Indian grocers. I've found a really good Italian butcher/specialty food shop near me. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll tell you if it's available and decent.

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      I'd love to know the Italian shop you mentioned!

    2. I don't live in Charlotte but I will travel quite a bit to get to Dean and Deluca. Not sure about the beer but I'd like to find out.

      1. Brawley's beer store on Park Road is going to be your friend. Mac's Speed Shop BBQ has a shit ton of beers. The Wine Vault in North Charlotte has great beers and a patio. Even Harris Teeters & Earthfare grocery stores have lots of choices. You will find that CLT has a lot of craft beers on menus around uptown, Central Ave. When you start looking for certain restaurants, I think you be pleasantly surprised.

        We have a great Italian market, Pasta & Provisions, homemade pasta, meats, sauces, wine, as well as all the grocery stores mentioned already.

        1. 2nd the motion for Brawley's -- not just for the great beer selection, but also for the carefully chosen wine shelves -- and always 2nd the motion for Pasta & Provisions. And I'll add What's Your Beef butcher, which just moved from Waxhaw to Ballantyne, and both Ferrucci's and Derado's Italian markets in Cornelius. Also for beer: Flying Saucer in UCity and Pizza Peel in Cotswold. I also heard yesterday about an Italian market in Stallings called Enzo's, but I haven't had a chance to go by. Geez, I just heard about it yesterday.

          1. There is only one non-chain brewery in Charlotte, and thats Olde Meck. They have a brew pub of sorts. Their quality has been inconsistent from batch to batch but I believe its getting better. There was word of another brewery opening up but AFAIK Old Meck is the only one right now.

            Duckworths at Park and Woodlawn has an amazing rotation of taps; soon to move around the corner and adding more taps and a cask engine.

            Vintner Market in the Arboretum has some interesting taps that rotate often. Grapevine in Ft. Mill does growler fills of hard to find brews.

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              Four Friends Brewery just opened in South Charlotte. You can also find great beer at Custom Home Pubs in South Park (behind the Harpers). Kind of random to drink beer in a home pub store, but they serve a lot of small, local breweries. Also check out Common Market (both in South End and Plaza Midwood) Thomas stocks some amazing craft beers. There are numerous restaurants that serve regional craft brews (Dandelion Market, The Liberty, Brixx, Duckworths)