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Feb 2, 2010 11:11 AM

Puerto Vallarta great restaurants to celebrate birthday

I am traveling to Puerto Vallarta next week with friends to celebrate my big 3-0! I am looking for some great restauarnts to celebrate in. I love good food and atmosphere. Any suggestions would be helpful.

San Francisco

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  1. Happy Birthday
    There are a lot of restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. Take a look at the restaurant section of
    Most of the better ones are in here with pictures and typical menus. It starts at page 68. Note that some of these are outside Puerto Vallarta.

    1. For fine dining: Cafe des Artistes

      For the best Mexican food in PV: El Arrayan

      I had a terrific lunch, table directly at the water's edge, lounge chair, towels at: La Palapa

      Here's another site to look at:

      1. Easiest for me, last 3 BDays:

        El Arrayan
        El Palomar de Gonzalez
        Cafe des Artistes

        If going with a large group, Barcelona Tapas, La Palapa,Trio!!!

        SF, CA./PV, JAL., soon fulltime!