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Where can I buy duck and duck fat in San Diego?

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I am looking to cook duck confit, and would apprecate recommendations for sources of duck fat and duck in San Diego.


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  1. I bought duck fat at Iowa Meat Farms. I think I saw frozen ducks there as well but do not recall.

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      Asian markets are a good source of Duck, 99 Ranch in CMM is where I usually pick them up. They used to carry duck fat in the case at Bristol Farms but it has been a while since I purchased it. They also sell 2 packs of duck confit (legs) in the same case if you are looking for easy. I would call first. Heard it was much cheaper to purchase online if time allows.

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        Yeah, they have frozen ducks and other forms of game birds as well. Probably cheaper at 99 Ranch but it's probably also of lesser quality.

        I think the duck fat at Iowa is quite a bit cheaper than Whole Foods too (where you only get a small container).

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          DOL: Is the duck fat from Iowa Meat Farms already rendered?

          Also someone earlier posted on these boards about a new Internet-based European food retailer that also does an occasional brick-and-mortar business out of their offices in Sorrento Mesa; I don't have any details, but it sounds like they might be another good resource.

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            yes, the duck fat from Iowa Meat Farms is rendered and ready to use

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            I have been actually quite pleased with the quality (of duck) at 99 Ranch, but have not purchased from IMF to compare. I figure a mich higher turn over duck wise at 99 Ranch, also they are not frozen (could have been previously). Last time I checked at IMF it was 18.99/Lb for a duck breast, ouch.

        2. I've seen it at Whole Foods in Hillcrest.

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            It is in the lower tray where the sliced cold cuts and cheese is.

          2. I believe Harvest Ranch Markets carry duck fat.

            1. I've gotten duck fat at Iowa Meat Farms. It comes pre-rendered.

              Duck you can find in the places outlined by others and even at Vonn's (though at Vonn's it's frozen).

              1. I was at Whole Foods Hillcrest on Sunday, and duck was on sale $2lb.

                1. I pick up rendered duck fat at Iowa Meat Farms' sister shop, Siesel's Meats, on Morena Blvd, if you're closer to that end of the city. The duck fat's not cheap, but you can reuse it several times. I think I'm on my third run with the same fat. Eventually it gets too salty, a stage that works great for making french fries.

                  Also, a slow cooker makes great duck confit, if you've never tried it. (http://www.chow.com/recipes/11834


                  I'll second the ducks at 99 Ranch.

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                    Mmmmm, duck fat fries! better still duck fat SPF's.

                  2. Bumping this thread in case anyone else is looking for ducks in SD for Christmas/Festivus, particularly north county.

                    We got our Thanksgiving duck at Harvest Ranch in Encinitas. Good quality bird for $5.99/lb. (Shelton's) and you have to order in advance, but don't forget your order number when you go to pick it up like I did. This, according to another shopper who apparently shops there frequently, tends to upset and/or fluster them.

                    And then because we wanted another duck fix, I happened to discover that Earthgrown in Oceanside also carries ducks from Canada (the brand escapes me now) for $2.99/lb. Didn't have to order, and I'm not sure if it's a seasonal item.

                    We'll be roasting that one up in the next few days, and I'll report back on the quality.