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Feb 2, 2010 10:25 AM

Steak frite

My husband has requested steak frites for his birthday. I'm not a steak eater so don't know who has the best in town. We've had some good meals at Petite Maison(though not the steak frites) so I thought I'd take him there unless someone recommends something else?

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  1. Here is my unscientific ranking of steak frites I've had in town (I'm probably skipping one or two):
    -noca (sunday supper only)
    -Zinc Bistro
    -Petite Maison

    1. Zinc Bistro
      Zinc Bistro
      Zinc Bistro

      I have been ordering SF all over the west coast, Zinc is better than Bouchon's, better than anything in Seattle, Portland and Las Vegas.

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      1. re: duck833

        Third, here, for Zinc.

        In my experience (which is just slipping a few bites from others), the steak frite at Petite Maison is also quite good.

        1. re: duck833

          Zinc for me too. Had steak frites at Bouchon in Las Vegas, and my immediate thought was "Thank goodness for Zinc Bistro."

          1. I'm actually not a big steak eater myself, but the last few visits to J&G I've been ordering their steak frites with prime hanger steak. It's always cooked perfectly, and I order the frites "well done". With that view, also a beautiful spot for a birthday dinner. We like to time it with a sunset cocktail on the terrace by the firepits.

            Also, if you tend towards seafood as I do, the options here are great including several fish dishes and the steamed lobster with Tabasco butter. I like to start with a platter of oysters (they usually have 5-6 varieties to choose from), stone crab in season, or tuna tartare before the steak frites, though I also love the foie gras terrine with jalapeno-apple compote, or the pork belly with ginger-shallot confit as apps too.

            J&G Steakhouse
            6000 East Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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            1. re: Rubee

              you forgot to mention the excellent cocktails, Rubee. :)

              1. re: azhotdish

                How could I forget, you know me too well! Though my favorite bartender Rich is no longer there (anyone know where he went to? I had heard Devil's Martini I think), we've always had excellent service at the bar and love the comfortable lounge area.

                Favorite cocktail is the Yellow Jacket (Partida reposado tequila, yellow Chartruese, Regan's orange bitters, St. Germaine, and Prosecco ) which pairs suprisingly well with oysters. All cocktails used to be $10 but this one is pricier now due to the ingredients. Other favorites are the BIllionaire Cocktail with bourbon, homemade grenadine, and absinthe, and the New Yorker with Rittenhouse rye, lemon, Benadictine, soda, and topped with a local AZ wine, Keeling-Schaefer's Two Reds - like a sophisticated Sangria.

              2. re: Rubee

                Thanks, Rubee. I do tend to seafood(fairly obviously in most of my reviews!). I hadn't considered any of the steakhouses and was thinking more of the French places around town. I'll have to look into this!

              3. Good answers so far. If you are in the northwest part of town, I would also add Vogue Bistro to the list.

                1. Anyone been ot Zinc lately. We had such a horrible horrible experience there a couple years ago we haven't been back. We used to love it but swore off after that afternoon. How's the food and service these days?

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                  1. re: ziggylu

                    Last time I ate dinner there was in December, and both the food and service were great. No complaints.

                    1. re: ziggylu

                      We have been guests there on three occasions. Things have been from OK down to "why are we here?" Now, obviously my experiences are counter to the majority, but I keep scratching my head. Same for Maestro's (Scottsdale), and Eddie V's, so there is something that I do not get.

                      Good luck,