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Steak frite

My husband has requested steak frites for his birthday. I'm not a steak eater so don't know who has the best in town. We've had some good meals at Petite Maison(though not the steak frites) so I thought I'd take him there unless someone recommends something else?

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  1. Here is my unscientific ranking of steak frites I've had in town (I'm probably skipping one or two):
    -noca (sunday supper only)
    -Zinc Bistro
    -Petite Maison

    1. Zinc Bistro
      Zinc Bistro
      Zinc Bistro

      I have been ordering SF all over the west coast, Zinc is better than Bouchon's, better than anything in Seattle, Portland and Las Vegas.

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        Third, here, for Zinc.

        In my experience (which is just slipping a few bites from others), the steak frite at Petite Maison is also quite good.

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          Zinc for me too. Had steak frites at Bouchon in Las Vegas, and my immediate thought was "Thank goodness for Zinc Bistro."

          1. I'm actually not a big steak eater myself, but the last few visits to J&G I've been ordering their steak frites with prime hanger steak. It's always cooked perfectly, and I order the frites "well done". With that view, also a beautiful spot for a birthday dinner. We like to time it with a sunset cocktail on the terrace by the firepits.

            Also, if you tend towards seafood as I do, the options here are great including several fish dishes and the steamed lobster with Tabasco butter. I like to start with a platter of oysters (they usually have 5-6 varieties to choose from), stone crab in season, or tuna tartare before the steak frites, though I also love the foie gras terrine with jalapeno-apple compote, or the pork belly with ginger-shallot confit as apps too.

            J&G Steakhouse
            6000 East Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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              you forgot to mention the excellent cocktails, Rubee. :)

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                How could I forget, you know me too well! Though my favorite bartender Rich is no longer there (anyone know where he went to? I had heard Devil's Martini I think), we've always had excellent service at the bar and love the comfortable lounge area.

                Favorite cocktail is the Yellow Jacket (Partida reposado tequila, yellow Chartruese, Regan's orange bitters, St. Germaine, and Prosecco ) which pairs suprisingly well with oysters. All cocktails used to be $10 but this one is pricier now due to the ingredients. Other favorites are the BIllionaire Cocktail with bourbon, homemade grenadine, and absinthe, and the New Yorker with Rittenhouse rye, lemon, Benadictine, soda, and topped with a local AZ wine, Keeling-Schaefer's Two Reds - like a sophisticated Sangria.

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                Thanks, Rubee. I do tend to seafood(fairly obviously in most of my reviews!). I hadn't considered any of the steakhouses and was thinking more of the French places around town. I'll have to look into this!

              3. Good answers so far. If you are in the northwest part of town, I would also add Vogue Bistro to the list.

                1. Anyone been ot Zinc lately. We had such a horrible horrible experience there a couple years ago we haven't been back. We used to love it but swore off after that afternoon. How's the food and service these days?

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                    Last time I ate dinner there was in December, and both the food and service were great. No complaints.

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                      We have been guests there on three occasions. Things have been from OK down to "why are we here?" Now, obviously my experiences are counter to the majority, but I keep scratching my head. Same for Maestro's (Scottsdale), and Eddie V's, so there is something that I do not get.

                      Good luck,


                    2. I would consider Cafe Bink, but then, they only do one steak, so if he would prefer the tyranny of choice, that's not his best option. It is just that the frites part, they appear to do better than just about anyone. The duck fat, two fry stages, trio of dipping sauces including aeoli, white truffle catsup, and sauce vert? I dream about them.

                      I took my in-laws, who are snowbirding with me, there last weekend. Now, I can do nothing right in these people's eyes, but they raved. We also wound up sitting next to Ken Dalhberg, who is apparently addicted to the mussels at Cafe Bink. Kind of an accidental brush with greatness -- but I've been feeling so put upon it was nice to finally make a favorable impression.

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                        I have to agree - I do love those fries. Cafe Bink is also a regular spot we take all our out-of-town guests to enjoy a leisurely lunch on that pretty patio.

                        Last visit was with Boston Chowhounds Alcachofa and Palmito (pic of fries):

                        Next month, we're bringing mom and dad.

                        Cafe Bink
                        36889 N Tom Darlington Drive, Carefree, AZ 85331

                      2. Just here to link Zinc ;-)

                        Zinc Bistro
                        15034 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

                        1. Been to Zink twice in the last two months, Steak Frite both times, along with a nice glass of French wine. Both outstanding experiences. Great food and perfect service. Will be there again in two weeks, looking forward to ordering the Steak Frite again.

                          1. So....we ended up at Petite Maison after all. Husband thought J&G looked more formal than he wanted this year(he really likes the space at Petite Maison, inside and out) and didn't want to risk disappointment at Zinc for his birthday(still sour about the last visit it seems).

                            Anyway, we concur with the reviews here. Steak frites were good, not great. I had the coq au vin, also good not great(I usually order fish here so this was the first I'd tried this. He's had both at Zinc actually and does agree when we've enjoyed our meals there(it used to be one of our favorite spots actually) their versions of both are better.

                            However, it wasn't a bad meal so we weren't disappointed. We WERE disappointed to wait 50 minutes for our reserved table however. Particularly as staff seemed to think this was perfectly acceptable. They might be becoming victims of their own success in this tiny spot? Particularly since they now reserve spots at the bar for dining as well long waits like this are quite uncomfortable in this space. We're not typically late diners(we had a 7 pm reservation) but noticed it really dropped off after 8pm so late reservatiosn must be the way to go here.

                            Anyway, thanks for the input. It's been a couple years, we proabably should revisit Zinc. And J&G is now on the list to try as well.

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                            1. re: ziggylu

                              Last time I was at PM I ordered the coq au vin as well - I thought it was okay, but needed a pop - it was a bit heavy and one-dimensional. I've had great mussels there, amazing escargot, but disappointing bouillabaisse recently and the new scallop app was a head-scratcher. I love the space and will continue going, but I've found it hit-or-miss lately.

                              1. re: ziggylu

                                Ouch - A 50 minute wait with a res would be a deal breaker for me. Was it for an inside table? I've noticed a couple of parties waiting for one of the few inside tables well after their res time because the diners wanted to linger.

                                1. re: AllPhoenix

                                  Yes, it was fora n inside table. THough 20 min into the wait we indicated an outdoor table would be OK as well...but there was nothing open outside either.

                                  I understand it's a small space but a 50 minute wait is a bit long for a reservation. The only comment we received from anyone was "well, we get really slammed"

                                  Like I said post 8PM seems to be the way to go here, especially for a party of two as there are almost no two tops in the restaurants and they are understandably reluctant to give up valuable real estate at four top to a party of two. By 8:15 tables were emptying and there were no reservations or walk ins filling them.

                                  1. re: ziggylu

                                    What night of the week was the reservation?

                                    When we go out to eat, we typically don't even make it out of the house before 8:00, so I'm always looking for good places where walk-ins can easily get a table around 8:30 or 9:00.

                                    1. re: hohokam

                                      I agree this is a deal breaker for me, generally because I make a reservation because I have somewhere to be and cant afford to wait 50 minutes for a table. Also that the staff wouldn't offer to give you a free round of drinks, an appetizer, or at least apologize profusely is surprising.

                                      Regardless yours is the last of a few "eh" reviews I've got so I'll hold off for awhile.

                                      1. re: hohokam

                                        Hohokam it was Friday night. Can't promise you'd alway sbe able to walk in but last Friday it was definitely quiet after 8:15.

                                        An offer of a drink would have been nice but I realize also they're also not obliged. Such a cavalier attitude however is not acceptable. Also, when we arrived we were told it would be just "a few minutes" as the table was on coffee. Well....the table we were given hadn't even been served entrees when we arrived(on time) for our reservations. One lady WAS drinking coffee so maybe the hostess misread the situation but we waited through the entree and dessert service for our table. There was some sort of serious misfire in the dining room with both reservations and communication. We considered leaving but figured by the time we went somewhere else it would be just as long a time span.

                                      2. re: ziggylu

                                        Agree with the others that I'll be staying away from PM until further notice. Honoring a res is important. Others can do it. Not to rub it in but Zinc always did a great job at honoring my reservations.

                                        1. re: AllPhoenix

                                          I wouldn't let an isolated incident scare you off. I've never gone to Petite Maison without a reservation, and have been led directly to an empty table as soon as entering each time...never a wait. That said, I can see where such a tiny space and the regular onslaught on winter visitors could lead to timing issues in a new restaurant.

                                    2. re: ziggylu

                                      Ouch. I missed the date.

                                      Ignore my ramblings, and glad that things worked out - sorta'.


                                    3. Ziggylu,

                                      I am more of a filet fan, but have had the steak frites at NOCA probably 4 times. Each was excellent an I enjoyed them greatly. I also recommend everything on the menu. Over the last few years, I have had most of Chef Curtiss' offerings. Now, things do change, but nothing has ever been under a 90%, and most hover squarely in the 97-99% areas.