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Feb 2, 2010 09:52 AM

Bar/Lounge in Montreal

Does anyone know any nice lounge/bars in Montreal that's not too pretentious, yet not the overeager clubbing type. Something a bit affordable would be nice too. We're all around 25 years old.

I've heard good things about Baldwin Barmacie (not a lounge really though). I happen to like Santos a lot, but its a bit overpriced in my opinion. I'm going out for my birthday with some friends, and do want people to get a bit tipsy and happy, so $12 cocktails might be a bit much :)

Any suggestions?

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  1. recommended by several people on this board, le lab might fit your bill. I recommend this place to all my friends

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      Cocktails are about $11 at Le Lab.

    2. Cocktails are about those prices everywhere in town, maybe except gin'tonic that are about 7-8-ish bucks if you're lucky.

      For a suggestion: You could try L'Assommoir (either in Old-Montreal or on Bernard St.)

      1. Not fancy or pretencious, and would fit the bill of cheap drinks if you go for happy hour, winnies on Crescent could be a place.

        They have 2 for 1 on all beers and regular alcools.

        But if the goal is to get tipsy on a budget, this could be a place.

        Otherwise, for more fancier atmosphere and better drinks, baldwin, Le Lab, la distillerie are all nice places, but with drinks closer to 11-12$ mark as said previously

        Winnie Bar Restaurant
        1455 Rue Crescent, Montreal, QC H3G2B2, CA