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Feb 2, 2010 09:36 AM

Best Fish and Chips in Victoria , Vancouver and Seattle

I have read through so many menus in Victoria , Vancouver and so many (especially the brew pubs) always seem to have Fish and Chips. We will be in those 3 cities for a total of 9 days and would like to sample the best of the best in each city. How can we narrow down all of the choices?

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  1. I don't recall ever eating fish & chips in Seattle except at Ivar's on the pier. The food alone is okay, not great. The experience on the other hand is amazing. Shouting your order to the cashier and eating your meal on the pier while watching the ferry come and go is a quintisential PNW experience.

    1. Hands-down, the best fish & chips in Seattle is Pike Street Fish Fry.

      Without a doubt, PSFF has the largest selection of fresh fish, delicious sides, amazing home-made sauces to accompany your fish (and chips) and great, friendly service. Those boys there are really delightful. They also serve what has become my favorite extra there which is their deep friend lemon slice with your meal. Absolutely delicious. PSFF is always fresh and not too greasy, I recommed the halibut, but if they have something else that's fresh and amazing, they'll let you know.

      The location is not the most versatile or chic, in a sometimes hard-to-find parking area of Capitol Hill, but a great location to walk around and drink some great coffee at Vita, stop for the world's best ice cream over at Molly Moon's, and have yourself a complete Seattle foodie experience.

      Second choice in Seattle is Chinook's (Fisherman's Terminal) or Anthony's (if you're looking to sit down in a restaraunt), but after living in Seattle for over 6 years and visiting often Seattle as a kid, I've eaten LOTS of fish & chips over the years and could not recommend Pike Street Fish Fry more.

      Don't be shy, try it out!

      Located on the corner of Pike & 10th on Capitol Hill, in the Nuemo's building.

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      1. re: clementimes

        I can't wait! PSFF is now at the top of the list,. Thanks

        1. re: JudyDenver

          I agree. Forget Ivar's on the pier. I want to try PSFF.

          1. re: jpc8015

            Deep fried battered lemon, do you hear it swooning for you all the way from the Hill?

        2. re: clementimes

          Apparently, PSFF can be hit-or-miss. Tried it, and had one of the greasiest, limpest pieces of fish I've ever had on my plate. That, and the club-level noise of the music made it an unappetizing experience. I'll try to go back, but the first time around wasn't exactly promising.

          1. re: evergreengirl

            Quite right.
            We've had some great experiences at PPFF - fressh, interesting fish, cooked in fresh oil at the right temperature, accompanied by hot, creamy fries. Yesss...
            Other days, though, the fish was whatever somebody had lying around, not attentively prepped or cooked - greasy, limp, odd-tasting.
            You pays yer money and you takes yer chances, here. Someday, real management might appear and get some QC going on. All it really takes is for somebody back here to taste the product now and again.
            Worth the risk, though, to catch one of those good days.

            1. re: mrnelso

              Interesting, I must have been there all one good days, but would agree, it's worth the risk. And if you're not into the ''scene'', i.e. the tiny restaurant space and the Neumo's shows possibly blasting upstairs on a weekend night, then, probably won't be too into it.

        3. You might want to repost your Vic and Van query over at the BC Board. But here you go anyway:
          Victoria: Red Fish Blue Fish (sustainable seafood F&C place) and Fairfield Fish and Chips (for real old school F&C fried in beef tallow then wrapped in newspaper. The chips are chips and not fries).
          Vancouver: Go Fish near Granville Island, Pajo's (Steveston), Dave's (Steveston)

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            1. re: fmed

              What is tallow? I thought that was used in making candles? Ever hear of Estevan Fish and Chips in Oak Bay?

              1. re: JudyDenver

                It's Beef fat - the traditional way of frying up F&C (also the fat used by McDonald's for their fries many years ago). I have heard of Estevan, but had not eaten there. (There are a number of good F&C places in Victoria. It's that British colonial influence.)

                1. re: fmed

                  Swinery on Main (RIP) used beef tallow for fries.
                  Maybe W Seattle does

              2. re: fmed

                I had amazing food at Red Fish Blue Fish- Yum! The fish and chips we amazing and the sides were delicious!

                1. re: natalie.warner

                  OMG YESSS! Red Fish/Blue Fish in Victoria and their Sister shack, Go Fish in Vancouver!!

                  I have been to Vancouver several times and I can honestly say I am addicted to Go Fish. Yes, the fish and chips are REALLY GOOD ... but if you don't have a fish taco or a scallop sandwich, you haven't lived!!

                  Unfortunately, there is nothing like it in Seattle :-(

                  1. re: Ms.chef

                    I've decided it might be fun to try The Best Hambuger, The Best Fish and Chips and the Best Pizza in both Victoria and Vancouver. Thanks for confirming the RF/BF and Go Fish--seems the easiest for us to find on foot. I've decided on the pizza places(thanks to this board) but still working on the hamburger--too many choices. Can't wait to try everything! We will be in Seattle too --how about Pike Street Fish Fry?

              3. okay... here's an idea... grab the best burger in Seattle/Ballard at Lunchbox Laboratory (with goat cheese and pesto aioli mayo) and be sure to have some tots too... (don't let the nasty/tacky/decor get to yah...) then start driving north and take an easterly side trip over to Snohomish for the best fish-n-chips at Chuck's Seafood Grotto on main street (near all the antique shops)... then get back onto I-5 heading north, and take a side trip westerly to Stanwood for the best pizza at Jimmy's Pizza... then get back on I-5 heading north and cross the US/Canada border with a VERY full tum-tum!

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                1. re: jenchu

                  Great itinerary! Will definitely at all 3 to my list. Thanks