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Feb 2, 2010 09:10 AM

Chicago hotdogs in Center City?

Anyone know where I can get a Chicago style hot dog in Center City? If not Center City, the greater Philadelphia area would be fine too, but i would like to be able to go for lunch.

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  1. Johnnie's Dog House in Wayne, PA makes a GREAT Chicago dog!

    1. Check for the best hot dog choices in the Phila area.

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        1. re: RC51Mike

          Closed, it's Philly Cupcake now.

      1. isn't garces opening a beer and brats joint downtown that is supposed to have a chicago dog on the menu?

        1. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check out Johnnie's Dog House when i'm in the area.

          1. If you go on vennia You can order a whole kit. The poppyseed buns. Everything. And it is really reasonably priced.