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Feb 2, 2010 09:04 AM

what is your favorite brand of canned beef stew?

Perhaps because of childhood memories of camping trips with a pot of beef stew simmering over the fire (and later, the Coleman stove), I have stuck with Dinty Moore Beef Stew, usually in the 1 pound can. I know that childhood memories often make things taste better than they actually were and that my tastes have evolved, and perhaps these are the reasons that for the last few years I've been disappointed with the DM stew. The brand is so old that I doubt that they've changed their recipe, but that's possible. Straight from the can it's really unremarkable, and no matter how I doctor it the meat, potatoes and liquid are still lacking.

In any event, what are your favorite brands of canned beef stew? How do they compare to DM? While I'd like to know about local or regional brands, it would be useful if they're available by mail. What I'm really interested in are brands that I can get here in SoCal. It may be that I'll just have to make my own and freeze in individual portions, but my freezers are packed as it is. Thanks for any suggestions.

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