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Feb 2, 2010 08:16 AM

insulated or vaccuum twist top mug tumbler or what have you

so i'm generally a good googler but i quite haven't hit upon the magic combo of words to produce the results i was hoping for and thought that you all might be able to help me.

i'm looking for a metal interior (exterior too is fine) vacuum mug, tumbler or what have you that is very much like this:

normally i'm not keen on starbucks drinkware but i absolutely adore the twist top design. the top layer of green twists to lower a centre circular piece and allow liquid to flow through the round gap. it is amazingly leak proof. but now if only i could find vacuum (for heat retention) and metal (for non-flavour/scent absorbing capabilities).

thoughts? i found something similar on the thermos website but was hoping for other options.


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  1. This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but it is stainless... I have one of these and like it.

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    1. re: vafarmwife

      Mind says Nissan on it. It's all stainless and I like it very much.

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        I try to avoid the dispensing-top containers, or at least avoid using the dispenser. I like to keep my coffee hot - hot enough that if I drink directly from the container I risk burning my tongue. Not only that, but the snaking path that the liquid has to take makes cleaning difficult. Moving parts make it prone to failure. Especially the spring-loaded dispensers, which are usually combinations of small, easily-broken pieces of plastic paired to a flimsy spring.

        If you must have a dispenser top, the current Starbucks model is a really good design. Same cleaning issues, but it looks much more durable.

        As long as its a true vacuum design (metal or glass inside), they're all more or less the same.

        1. re: ozmotion

          thanks all for the suggestions thus far.

          i'm rather keen on the twist top style and not so fond of springs as i do find they wear poorly over time. so the oxo one is nice but not quite my cup of tea... or coffee shall we say ;).

          and i do like the dispenser top because i can't actually drink my beverages piping hot, my mouth can't handle it. the problem is the starbucks model is only double walled and not vacuum and plastic interior on top of that so the heat retention over time is rather poor. the exterior heats up pretty quickly once liquid is poured in.

          i'm having a hard time finding a nissan that fits my requirements so i'm not sure what model is being referred to.

          i may have to stick with the starbucks model (which is still great in a lot of aspects), but was hoping they weren't virtually the only one that came up with it! surprising to say the least!

      2. This is the one you want ;-)

        Bookmark that, and keep tabs on the price because it does fluctuate *wildly*. I paid $16.64 for my second one on 12/30/2009, but in the weeks leading up to my purchase I saw it listed for nearly 30 bucks!

        If you'll be using this particular Nissan tumbler for making tea, I'd suggest not following the instructions or the Amazon reviewers. Instead, put your loose leaf tea in the tumbler first and *then* screw on the strainer. Fill with hot water, put the cap on, and brew for your chosen length of time. Pour the tea *through the strainer* and into a mug.

        Depending on the tea I'm using, I sometimes pour the tea through an additional strainer that sits on my mug (like this, but cheaper: ). This secondary strainer catches almost all of the fines that'll get by the Nissan strainer...

        Think of the whole set-up as a stainless steel personal tea pot. You can even start with a larger quantity of leaves, and do a faux gongfu-style of brewing!

        1. Go to Amazon and type in "thermos stainless steel mug". You will get hundreds of hits (not just Thermos brand, not just mugs). Bet you find something that meets your requirements.

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          1. re: tanuki soup

            because i'm looking for a specific type of opening mechanism it isn't that simple. and the descriptions on amazon of how they open/work are vague and often unhelpful. then add in the limited number of often vague photographs. i'm not keen on looking through hundreds and hundreds of items on amazon. even looking at specific manufacturer websites doesn't often give me the information i want. i was hoping someone here would have a better word for the twist mechanism i'm looking for or knew of other variants.

            but thanks so much for that suggestion.

          2. I'm not 100% sure I understand your requirements, but if I do, one of the first two Thermos/Nissan mugs on this page should fit the bill:


            Sweet Maria's is usually good about answering email if you have additional questions.

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            1. re: srgoodman

              ah yes, that 360 degree lid that they refer to for the first one acts exactly (as far as i can tell without handling it) as i'm looking for. thanks! it seems thermos brand calls it by the same phrase and so i'll have to keep my eye out for that.

              thanks again!

              1. re: pinstripeprincess

                You might also want to contact Thermos Canada - they're Toronto-based.

                Canadian Thermos Products Inc.
                370 King Street West, Suite 302, Box 11
                Toronto, Ontario M5V 1J9
                Tel: 416.757.6231 or toll free 1.800.669.7065

                One would hope they could answer your questions and point you at a local retailer for a "hands-on".

            2. I have (or had) a starbucks metal one like you describe. It was about 20 years ago, bought on a whim for about £20 (!).

              It had a vaccuum, metal exterior too, but a rubber grip around the middle