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Feb 2, 2010 07:46 AM

Fried Chicken in Montgomery County or surrounds

I am craving good fried chicken, either eat-in or takeout. Of course, I could make it myself (and have), but sometimes I am just too lazy. I live in the Eastern Montgomery County area , but will travel for chicken. I've had very good fried chicken at Cafette in Chestnut Hill but they only offer it on Fridays. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. This may sound crazy but I love the fried chicken at Crown Fried Chicken. If you're close to Cheltenham Ave, the ones on North Broad are not too far. There might be one in W Oak Lane/Ogontz if that is closer. Just don't go too late at night.

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    1. re: barryg

      I agree about Crown. The one near the convention center is worth the wait. I was walking past there one time a few years ago and the delicious smell pulled me in. The chicken and the oil used to fry it seem fresh. I chalk that up to the high volume. Also the pieces are nice and small so they are juicy and tender. Yum! I'd be careful after dark too.

      1. re: barryg

        There's a Crown on 5th street, several blocks down from Cheltenham Avenue. That's probably closer than the Broad Street one. I also really like Popeye's, of which there are a few around the area. I can't think of other real restaurants in Eastern Montco where I've seen fried chicken on the menu.

        1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

          didn't see your mention of Popeye's, my bad. I truly like them very much.

        2. re: barryg

          There are probably about 4 Crown Fried Chicken places on Stenton Avenue between the Montco line and Broad Street. I used to pass them on my way to Albert Einstein (or Norman Einstein if you're Joe Thiesman)

        3. Jeez, guys, I hadn't thought about Crown. I take graduate courses from Temple from time to time, so I am familiar with Cheltenham Ave. and North Broad. I will definitely follow up .

          1. Speck's in Collegeville. Good broasted chicken.

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              1. re: crazyspice

                Trademark name that is a combination of broiled and roasted. The chicken is breaded and put into a cooker that uses less, if any, oil. The broaster looks very much like the cooker used at Chik-fil-a.

                1. re: cheesewit

                  Interesting. Every time we pass Speck's we say we should try it. I am quite curious.

                  1. re: crazyspice

                    Me too, crazyspice. My sister lives in Collegeville, so I pass my Speck's quite often. I have often wondered about it. I will definitely try it and report back.

            1. what, no love for Popeye's? j/k!

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              1. re: frenchfryfred

                Actually HungryInTheBurbs did mention it.

                I currently live within a few blocks of both a Popeye's and a Crown and I have to say that Crown's chicken is better, at least comparing these two locations (Broad & Snyder). However, Crown does not have biscuits (just butter flavored dinner rolls--gross) and the sides are marginally better at Popeye's. The sides at Crown are kind of gross.

              2. I haven't been there recently, but we usually head to the Delilah's in Cheltenham (in one of the shopping centers, but I forget which... Cedarbrook?).

                I would also endorse Cheesewit's suggestion of Speck's... We can't go through Collegeville without stopping there!

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                1. re: xtian

                  Speck's s/b added to the list of restaurants that have never changed!

                  I worked right up the street when I was in HS 35 years ago (yikes) and I can still remember wondering what the hell is broasted chicken.

                  1. re: Den

                    We had to go to Collegeville today and decided to stop into Specks on our way home. My friend picked up a 12 piece and I opted for 2 breasts. I asked about the "broasting" process. Basically, it is chicken fried under pressure. I was told it is brined, "coated" and put in the frying machine. The chicken is not cooked to order. I guess that's okay. Since we went in the afternoon, it is hard to say how long the chicken was under the warming lights. So, it was okay, not great and I currently have a belly ache.

                    1. re: crazyspice

                      I frequented Speck's when I moved here (C'ville) in 1992 but it lost its lustre a while ago. IMHO, the "broasting" process creates a very dried out breast and overdone legs and wings. The thighs are OK. Fortunately for them, most people like overdone, dried out chicken or they think its undercooked. The coating is no more than seasoned flour with no crunchy bread crumbs. They could trim pieces better. Too much skin and fat blobs can ruin a chicken meal for me.

                      1. re: Chefpaulo

                        CP - you're correct about most people liking overdone, dried out chicken. I simply don't order fried chicken anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line, except. Except for our occasional trips that take us through Saratoga Springs, NY where Hattie's has the best fried chicken I've had since I visited relatives years ago in Anniston, AL.

                        1. re: bucksguy14

                          Ah the south! You are so right bucksguy. Now I'm thinking of a bbq place in Raleigh NC where you could get excellent North Carolina bbq, no tomato in sight and relish on the bun, and excellent fried chicken, all inexpensive. Oh and hush puppies. Dreamy sigh.

                      2. re: crazyspice

                        So "broasting" is not a frankenstein of broiling and roasting and it's fried? I think I'm glad I never went there in the 8 years that I lived in C'ville.

                        1. re: mitchh

                          That's right mitchh! Fried chicken. You didn't miss a thing!

                          1. re: crazyspice

                            Hope you are feeling better crazyspice. I had my own tussle with chicken recently but it was poor innocent Orange Chicken from TJ's cooked John style: