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Need recommendations for downtown Houston

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I'm staying in downtown Houston for 3 days (Four Seasons to be exact) and would love any recommendations for real Texas barbeque and good Mexican/Tex-mex. Downtown would be preferred but can take a cab if there's nothing worthwile within walking distance.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Ah! Am at the Four Seasons myself this week! Guadalajara (1201 San Jacinto) is two blocks away (walking distance) for tex mex. Fun, lively, great happy hour--have been there a few times. Hugo's on Westheimer (cab ride) is supposed to be great for Mex. Concierge will have address.

    1. Take a cab to cyclone anaya's on Grey. Tex-Mex and a good bar area if you're solo. There are a couple of pubs/bars and a sushi place on that block as well.

      1. I would second and third the recommendation for Hugo's if you can get there. Loved that place when I lived in Houston. Saw this article in the NYTimes and thought it might be of use:


        I haven't eaten at any of the places mentioned, though.

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          Since I posted above, have been to HUGO's and would HIGHLY recommend it. Its a cab ride from the Four Seasons. Note--It is authentic mexican--not tex/mex. If you are looking for chips/salsa/burrtios/fajitas--this is not the place for you (Guadalajara fits that bill).

          Also re: the NYTimes article that novelgazer posted, I went to REEF (midtown) and it was outstanding. Atlfoodfan, the Four Seasons car will drive you /pick you up from Reef --its just outside of downtown, in midtown. The fried macaroni and cheese is not to be missed.