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Feb 2, 2010 07:32 AM

roger sherman inn, new canaan

i understand that they have been under new ownership for the past 18 months. any reports?

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  1. i've eaten there a couple of times since the menu was redone and have been quite pleased. the menu has been creative at times, while maintaining some of their old school new england dishes that the blue hairs love (no offense to blue hairs). it's expensive and it's not schoolhouse, but it's good, and it's in town.

    1. We have a business associate in New Canaan who thinks highly of the Roger Sherman Inn. We've not eaten there since the new management, but he and his son think it's quite good lately.

      jfood, whose opinions I respect, recently mentioned something nice about the Roger Sherman Inn on another thread about New Canaan dining.

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        Thanks S. Have not been but hearing very good things including live music on thursday nights.

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          i was considering venturing down to new canaan and paying a visit to either aloi of roger sherman...

      2. Recently had a lovely meal on the was great, had the sea bass and the blueberry eggroll for dessert (delish!). It's a little pricey, but the food and the staff were wonderful.