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Feb 2, 2010 07:07 AM

Favorite Brunch Spots (not hotels) in CC, Main Line, Delco

Formal or casual needed. Any hidden gems with amazing breakfast/brunch on a Sunday? We always like Parc. Looking for more good spots to try.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      Not hotels because I have already been to all of them. At least I have already been to Four Seasons, Rittenhouse, Bellevue and Radnor Hotels brunches. So I guess if there is another hotel I have not tried I could do that. Just looking for something different. Lacroix is my favorite in the city.

    2. If you're looking to change it up a bit, I like Famous 4th St for brunch when I'm really hungry and craving salty meat. They have a location on 19th St near Chestnut now. Also consider Dim Sum or Pho if you can get down with that kind of stuff for your first meal.

      1. Cafe Lift does a great brunch and it's BYOB. The cannoli french toast is wonderful!

        I've heard good things about Cafe Estelle

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        1. re: jl0328

          Cafe Estelle is wonderful. They do things like smoke their own meats in house. It can really be spectacular.

          1. re: urbanfabric

            I second cafe estelle and add Beau Monde - 6th and Bainbridge. Also, I heard that Amis will be serving brunch in the next couple months - mmmm Brunch from Mark Vetri....

          2. re: jl0328

            Cafe Lift is very good. We took friends there just last weekend and they cleaned their plates! I guess it's sort of off the beaten track in the "Loft District" (yeah, some realtor must have come up with that).

            1. re: naneharvey

              Fork has a nice Sunday brunch menu

          3. Fitzwater Cafe (7th and Fitzwater) is great. Its always a little crowded but the prices are fare and the food is great.

            Kanella (10th and Spruce) has an amazing brunch. My boyfriend and I often have cravings. I am partial to their Cyprus Breakfast and he loves the Malowa....I think I may have typed that wrong.

            Cafe Apamate (16th and South) is small but the food is usually spot on. The only problem with this place is their service is extremely erratic.

            Lastly Ants Pants Cafe (22nd and South) bacon stack...thats all I have to say. Their food is always fresh and they have super nice service.

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            1. re: brianaface

              Spot on with the Ants Pants bacon stack. Love their selection of coffee drinks too. What kind of food does Cafe Apamate serve?

              1. re: Rondo

                Cafe Apamate served Spanish-inspired tapas, but it closed recently.

            2. best brunches IMHO, in order:
              - cafe lift... not a bad thing on the menu, especially love the tomato-moz-pesto fritatta
              - north third, unparalleled french toast
              - cafe estelle, all-around good and uncrowded!
              - green eggs cafe, lots of locally-sourced food. quinoa porridge, holy crap!!!

              have not been to the lacroix brunch yet, but i'm dying to.