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Feb 2, 2010 07:02 AM

San Antonio - Riverwalk area suggestions, please!

Hi -

A group of us is heading to San Antonio the first weekend in March for a ladies getaway. We're staying just off the Riverwalk and will not have cars. There are 10 of us total. We plan to eat in about half of the time, but would like some suggestions for places in the area to eat - definitely wanting TexMex, but otherwise, we're not picky. We need a place that can seat all of us without a problem.

Also - places for quick bites to eat for lunch/breakfast or a drink or whatever if we're out and about.

Any and all suggestions are welcome, but we are not interested in taking cabs, so on the trolley or within walking distance!


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    1. re: SAguy

      I will be headed that way also and am looking for similar recs. Does anybody have opinions on these places?

    2. Search this board for Boudros. You will find many similar posts.

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      1. re: Rene

        May I same something about the Riverwalk and Downtown...This Off season...Very light on tourist, this is the time regular San Antonians. The weather is cooler but not all that bad. Most Riverwalk locations have indoor dining. You will have the RW all to yourselves minus the locals that are down there.

        Look at that RW guide I posted. and for places to eat, drinkl, and visit.

        and even if many say Mi Tierr's is Touristy, is because its the best place to get a taste of Authentic Tex-Mex ...Lots of locals still eat there.

      2. So I'm wondering if you ladies came, saw, ate, had a good time?

        Where did you go, what did you do, and how did you like it?