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Feb 2, 2010 06:53 AM

What restaurants have chef's tables?

I'm looking to put a fun party together at a chef's table anywhere in Manhattan. Where everybody sits at a big table either in or next to the kitchen, chats with the chef, has a fun meal. I thought I saw one on Irving, but I'm not sure. Where are some good ones?

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  1. Bellavitae on Minetta Lane has a "chef's table" which is actually a bar that is along the station where many of the antipasti are made. I've sat there in the past and had a wonderful time. Caveat: I have not been to Bellavitae in over a year.

    1. Gordon Ramsey at The London hotel has a Chef's table

      1. The pass at Hearth is exactly what you're describing. But be aware that you cannot reserve there - it's first come first served. So you should arrive a few minutes prior to opening to be safe. Or else show up 90 mins after that and be prepared to wait if necessary.

        1. Previous thread:

          Gordon Ramsey at the London
          Le Cirque
          Il Buco
          Park Avenue Winter
          Kitchen Counter at the Beacon

          And I would add Aldea's chef's counter, the chef's counter at Kyo Ya, chef's counter at Mercat, the counter at Chikalicious. And the open kitchens of Momofuku Ko, Degustation, Casa Mono, might also interest you.

          More open kitchens:

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            Country? Has the formal dining room reopened?

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              Oops, sorry about that, I have no idea.

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                I recalled reading that there were some new doings at Country, so I did a search. Nothing about the formal dining room reopening, at least, as of yet. In December, Gael Greene reported that Chef Laurent Manrique, now in San Francisco (formerly chef of the Waldorf's Peacock Alley), was in talks with the hotel's owners about taking it over as a consultant.


                Also in December, the Diner's Journal reported that the Cafe has a new chef:

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              Unfortunately the OP definitely could not put together a party at Ko's counter (maximum reservation size is 4, and the reservation for 4 is--I would imagine--pretty difficult to get).

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                Don't think anyone has mentioned Degustation yet; a good choice though not sure how hard it is to get a larger group in there.
                Just like Ko, as noted above:

            3. Chef's counter at Aldea, there is a table in the kitchen of Oceana that is great too.