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Feb 2, 2010 06:39 AM

Best BBQ in Fort Worth?

There are so many BBQ resturants, but which are the best? Thanks for the suggestions.

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  1. Angelo's gets my vote. I've tried the Railhead 4 or 5 times, but keep comming back to Angelo's for the Brisket, Ribs and cold Bud.

    1. Thumbs up on Angelos.

      Only went once to the (long closed) Colleyville loc of Railhead and didn't like it. I've been told the FW loc is better.

      1. According to and D Magazine, it's Off the Bone BBQ (the one in Ft. Worth).

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        1. re: luniz

          Off The Bone is a bit off of my path, but that 'horeshoe' with the baked potato stuffed with bbq and the surrounding ribs did look good. Anyone here actually go? Worth the drive?

            1. re: CricketTX

              I need to try Off the Bone at some point but I'd rather go Railhead than Angelo's.

            2. re: DallasDude

              I've only been once, but it was fairly disappointing. Brisket was dry. However, it had a good smoke flavor and was well seasoned.

              Ribs were better, with a very slight lemon kick.

              Okra was well above average. It was very crunchy. Coleslaw was simple, but done just right for my taste, though perhaps a little too much celery seed for some.

          1. An out-of-towner's vote -- I went to Angelo's and Off the Bone over the weekend. Off the Bone wins hands down, Angelo's was a disappointment -- dry, badly in need of sauce, Off the Bone didn't really need any sauce, which is just as well, because the sauce is just so so. ( I had brisket in both places. My wife had chicken in both places, but otherwise, her judgment is outstanding.)