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Feb 2, 2010 05:51 AM

Ideas for Steamboat?

Headed for a ski vacation next week to Steamboat. We're from the Pacific NW, our friends are driving up from Ft. Collins. Any not-to-be missed spots? I've searched the board with little luck; both Mountain States and the old Elsewhere in America. We're looking for all range of meals, both high end and low-brow. We're adventurous eaters with no dietary issues. We will have a 3 year old and a 14 month old with us and though we'd love to know of great places for kids, we're also imagining a few nights of adult only eating. In general, we go for quality of food over ambience. Thanks in advance!

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    Traditional tex mex, good kids menu, not fantastic, write home about, but good.
    Good house smoked and cured meats, used to offer a fun family style meal for like 6 or more, with a sample of everything.
    Kinda french, kinda thai based, odd but it works, probably not suited for kiddos, great wine list.
    good steak and seafood, kid menu

    Old West Steakhouse and the Steakhouse on 8th are two other ones, but I think the ore is much better, their raspberry salmon and p rime rib are wonderful.

    Three Peaks Grill, used to have a raw bar with oysters, sushi, etc., not sure if it's still there, someone said it shut down.

    Winonas for breakfast is a must, always a line, but it moves fast, great homestyle food. The french toast is made with cinnamon rolls and incredible. Lunch however is a bit over priced and under rated.

    Hope this helps.

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        If RLM had not added, Cafe Diva and Bistro C.V., I would have. The Rio Grande has strong margaritas -- so potent that no one pays much attention to the food that follows!

      2. Winona's...cinnamon rolls...'nuff said. YUM!

        1. Just spent 5 days in Steamboat. Used chowhound to pick the restaurants.

          Hands down winner was Lapogee. The line caught fish with chile and saffron broth was the best fish dish we have ever had. We went two days in a row so we could both experience it. Great ambience and wine list.

          Very disappointed in Cafe Diva. Portions were way too big and food average. Noisy hole in the wall on the ski hill versus Lapogee's historical building in downtown Steamboat with great wine and food.

          Bistro CV was very good. The sirloin was amazing.

          Cantina was terrible with really bland Mexican food. I thought we were fairly south but I guess not south enough.

          All in all very good eating in Steamboat and amazing, world class skiing.

          Bistro CV
          345 Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs, CO

          Cafe Diva
          1855 Ski Time Square Dr, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

          1. One place that hasnt been mentioned yet in Steamboat is a restaurant called Laundry (, so named because it is housed in a converted laundromat. The menu is very eclectic (in contrast to a lot of other restaurants in town), and the dishes are meant to be shared.

            Some of the things I tried included bison carpaccio, a brussels sprout hash (brussels sprouts mixed with crispy onion and bacon), the "brisket philly" (which involved brisket on top of a biscuit, topped with an egg andcheese), and the homemade elk chorizo. The charcuterie plates with meats and cheeses looked fantastic. All of the food was delicious, and if you arent in a group, it can be tough to choose since it all sounds good.

            Although the restaurant is well-suited for groups, the lively bar scene makes it ideal for solo dining. While the entire staff is welcoming, the bartenders (Jeff and Michael, the nights I was there) go above and beyond to make the dining experience optimal. The cocktails are delicious, and they stock many exceptional scotches, bourbons, and other liquors. Additionally, many of the cocktails are made from house-infused liquors.

            Its definitely worth checking Laundry out if you are looking for a departure from the usual mountain cuisine at reasonable prices.

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              Another thumbs up for Laundry! Best meal I've had in Steamboat by a long shot. Not pretentious or overpriced, but delicious and fun; you get the sense the chef is having a ball in the kitchen coming up with new and insanely delicious plates. Only real complaint is that the menu is weighted towards rich, gut-busting dishes - there's a LOT of bacon, butter, porkfat, etc. in almost everything. Be sure to get a salad, since even the vegetable sides are mostly fried or otherwise very rich (the braised cabbage was basically confit - it was swimming in a delicious sauce that was basically baconfat). But the quality and preparation of everything was flawless and it was great fun to sample a bunch of different things. The bar is also very good; their house cocktails use high-quality spirits and are well thought out (we really liked the Kentucky Fall - rye, cider, peppercorn-infused simple syrup, soda, a little nutmeg on top). Highly recommended!