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Feb 2, 2010 03:41 AM

gourmet shops in boston

I live in close proximity to some great gourmet food shops in Maine but am looking for some in Boston to check out on our weekend trip. We have been to the fromagerie kitchen in Cambridge a couple of times and love it but don't want to go out that far this time. I would be interested in something in Chinatown as well, are there any stores there that are a little more westerner friendly than others?

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  1. I understand the need to try something new but just as an FYI, there is a Formaggio Kitchen on Shawmut Ave in the South End, which is just a short walk from Chinatown. You may also want to check out the Salumeria on Richmond Street in the North End and Pace's, which is directly across from the Greenway. I believe the Salumeria is open on Sundays but Pace's is not.

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      thanks, I was aware of the south end fromagerie and it is on my list to check out. I always stop at the salumeria but have not heard of Pace's so I will check that out, thanks.

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        Salumeria is not open on Sundays. We always plan our North End trips for Saturdays to stop there.

        There is also Bina Alimenteria on Washington street. They have a small but very nice collection of goods.


      2. All the places that come to mind are further out of town:




        1. Some other more Western places: Don Otto's (South End), Las Ventas (Spanish goods next to Estragon in the South End), the Wine & Cheese Cask (Somerville, across the street from Dali), Christina's (a great spice shop in Inman Square), Chocolee and Aroa (two good South End chocolatiers), Syrian Grocery Importing Co. (South End purveyor of Middle Eastern groceries and gear, next to Formaggio, not Fromagerie), Savenor's (high-end butcher and grocer, Beacon Hill and Somerville), Cardullo's (gourmet grocer and deli, Harvard Square), Bazaar (Coolidge Corner, Russian), Baltic Deli (Andrew Square, Polish deli and groceries), Karl's Sausage Kitchen (Route 1 in Saugus, German butcher/deli and grocery), South End Food Emporium (Ethiopian goods and convenience store).

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            this is what I love about Boston, and chowhound. thanks for all the great suggestions, I was getting into a rut lately with places to go when in Beantown. I seem to see a pattern of Washington St. restaurant recommendations and food destinations. I knew the south end was getting a lift with all the new places but have yet to really explore so I guess we'll head down washington st. and see whats up.

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              for your Chinatown stop you might try Ming's over by the Herald, I wouldn't say it is "more westerner friendly" (or unfriendly) than other stores in C-town, but it is close to the south Washington places you are thinking of hitting, and it is very much set up like a super market, which makes it a little easier to browse than some of the smaller stores in C-town.

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                by more westerner friendly I mean signage, layout, ordering, stuff like that. Not the people, I should have clarified that. Thanks for the recommendation.

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                  in fact that's the way i took your post, Ming's isn't neccessarily bettter or worse in terms of th organization being intuitive, in fact it is a bit of a maze, or signage, but just because it is a little larger than some of the other stores in the chinatown area, and has ever so slightly (everything is relative) more "leg room" i think it is easier to browse. C-Mart on the south station end of Chinatown would also qualify, but in gerneral Ming's probably has a wider range of stock, and it is definitely closer to SoWa.