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Feb 1, 2010 10:17 PM

YYC lunch spots

Something that is quick, in and out and...TASTY! I seem to have hit a viet sub rut and I need a change. Ideas? Preferably, but not limited to, downtown.

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  1. Are you talking take-back-to-your-desk in and out? If so (and really if not as well) the amount of choice downtown is mind-boggling and it's hard to narrow down- there are ample, ample fast-food options and not just the usual chains- you can get a burrito from Taco Del Mar, you can get dak go gi and those amazing garlic potatoes from Koryo, you can get the superb shrimp dumpling soup (which is a meal) from Sukiyaki... outside the food courts, maybe shawarma from Mazaj or Chickpea?

    Oh, and I have to put a plug in for the amazing sandwiches at the new Caffe Rosso, in the Convention Centre where there once was a lone Grabbajabba. $7.50 for one of the most massive meatloaf sammies you'll ever eat, and other choices too, all very reasonably priced- other coffeehouses with good, creative food in the same general area are Insomnia and DeVille.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      Thanks for the tip about Caffe Rosso! Is it related to the Caffe Rosso in Ramsay? I think I know where I'm getting lunch today...

      nm--just looked Caffe Rosso's website, and yes, to answer my own question, it is the same company as the one in Ramsay.

      1. re: John Manzo

        I was thinking of things that I could eat while walking back to work. Enjoy some of this nice weather while having my lunch. But, good suggestions, Manzo, they are a step in the right direction!

      2. In my excitement about Caffe Rosso, I forgot to add my suggestions:

        - Take-out from Glory of India is $11 and worth it. My favourites in the buffet line are the kheer, naan, and this veggie and paneer dish they sometimes have
        - Marcello's does a lunch buffet by weight that is quite good (but avoid the perogies)--mix of hot and cold items with the items changing daily
        - Sandwiches from Rise Bakery or Caffe Artigiano; takes a little longer to grill if you choose that option. I love the salmon and the lamb sandwiches at CA, and the portobello sandwich at Rise
        - Pizza from Guiseppe's on 1st St SW by the Colours condo (tell them to go easy on the cheese); Guiseppe's also has pasta and other hot entrees
        - lots of options in the Plus 15 system, as John mentioned, like the big pan or the ribs from Sunterra, Thai thom yum soup from Thai Express, etc.

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        1. re: aktivistin

          Go easy on the cheese? :oddraisedeyebrowemoticon: I might have to try Guiseppe's, do they do evening cheesey delicious?

          1. re: The Gut

            Yes, Giuseppe's is open in the evening. When I asked until what time, I was told "Until we close" Not very specific! I have tried several of their pizzas and didn't find them too cheesey, but it's a matter of individual taste :-)

        2. Smokey Lee's, a shack in a parking lot at the corner of 6th Avenue and 4th Street SW, lunch only, three sandwiches, smoked meat, smoked beef, and a reuben, includes a pickle an' a pop, often runs out of smoked meat, all very good.

          1. A panini from Holy Grille fits the bill nicely. So yummy!

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            1. re: Merry113

              The only thing is that, while Holy Grille is EXCELLENT and has some of the best, friendliest customer service I've ever encountered in the whole world, it gets crazy busy at lunch (unless you're early or late) and is not quick in, quick out, like OP requested. I would otherwise recommend it without hesitation- heck, I might head over there for lunch today since I don't teach at the U on Thursdays this semester...

              1. re: John Manzo

                Very good point. It is a bit crazed in there (probably because it's so good!)

            2. KEITH'S DELI

              (if you're willing to drive to the Chinook mall area)

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                I like Keith's Deli. Close for me, but a stretch from DT