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Feb 1, 2010 09:04 PM

Where to go for moist cupcakes?

Now that Tonnie's Minis (which was my go to) has closed, where to go for moist cupcakes? I know Two Little Red Hens. Blackhound's are still too dry for me. Hate Magnolia. Not impressed with Crumbs, and yet strangely willing to make an exception for Cupcake Cafe (at least for the chocolate mocha.)

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      1. re: fatema

        I love the cupcakes at Chikalicious! (IMHO, even better than Two Little Red Hens which is around the corner from my apartment).

        1. re: ellenost

          Maybe I just caught them on an off-night, but the cupcakes I had at Chikalicious (Smores and I can't remember the other-maybe red velvet?) were dry and not good at ALL. Which ones would you recommend there? I'm willing to give it one more try because so many people seem to like it.

          Also, I forgot to mention that Sweet Revenge really is delicious. Got a chocolate peanut butter cupcake to-go and it was AWESOME! Super moist and super flavorful.

          1. re: Jess321

            I love (really love) the premium caramel cupcakes (has caramel filling inside) and the red velvet cupcakes (no filling). Pretty much after every time I go to Momofuku Ko (which is every two months), I stop by Chikalicious for these 2 cupcakes. They taste great even the next day (if I'm too full from Ko).

            1. re: Jess321

              I actually don't really like Chikalicious's Smores cupcakes. I also found it to be on the dry side for some reason. But the other ones are great. My favorites are the mocha, caramel and triple chocolate. I've also liked the red velvet there, but preferred the red velvet at Two Little Red Hens.

              For the OP, in addition to a few of the cupcakes listed here, I also think Mitchel London has very moist cake. I'm only a fan of the red velvet and chocolate ganache/chocolate-peanut butter topping because I think the other icings are too sugary.

              Surprisingly, I've had a couple of decent cupcakes at Crumbs. But that has been the minority as most of the ones I've tried were pretty dry. Perhaps the freshness thing has a lot to do with it. Maybe I got really lucky with the two moist ones I've eaten.

              1. re: Jess321

                I'm not a big fan of their Smores either, but absolutely adore the triple chocolate one. I like the caramel and mocha too.

                1. re: Jess321

                  This was my experience (I had the exact same two flavors.) I've actually been underwhelmed by most of the Chikalicious desserts that I've had (but they are still better than Momofuku Milk.)

              1. re: thew

                +2 on the Hens. The Brooklyn Blackout is moist, puddingy goodness.

                1. re: a_and_w

                  Dissent on the Hens (please, don't throw any hard objects). Fresh is no longer enough-either the taste is too subtle for my un-educated palate, or simply not substantial enough to be as life altering as everyone on this website says they are.

                  1. re: addictedtolunch

                    oh wtf no way! *throws rock.
                    i've only tried their mini cupcakes once but i had each flavor in one sitting lol
                    but i've also had a bad pumpkin pie slice from them.
                    ive only been there twice but liked most of the things ive tried. i would say give thme another shot. (at least try the mini cupcakes)

            2. I agree about Crumbs. Why is this place so popular? To me, what they sell are not even cupcakes...they are just too complicated to be cupcakes. They don't even bake the product at the shops...I believe they are shipped from a kitchen in Long Island.

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              1. re: ttoommyy

                crumbs CAKE is actually moist, but it taste like dunkin hines, so why bother spennding the $$ for something you can make at home...I think babba booey and artie lange made crumbs popular...magnolia has to be the worst cupcake i have ever eaten and i really dont get why they dont work on the recipe..Super dense and dry as all hell. Their banana pudding is awesome though. Buttercup is a little better than magnolia, but its a hit or miss with that place...

                1. re: smokeandapancake

                  I agree. The cupcakes i've had at Crumbs are moist but the frosting is so ridiculously sweet it hurts to eat it. I think their frosting to cake ratio is off too, making it really difficult to eat. Or maybe it's cause the cupcake is so friggin big, it's like superman cupcake on steroids, kind of reminds me of Levain's cookies without the wow taste factor.
                  I've only had two monster cupcakes but I think their mini ones are a lot better than their regular ones but not too great because of the frosting. A tip I found for eating Crumb's cupcakes (small or big) is to take a fork and get some of the frosting off. I find the frosting is just really overwhelming, it's like all I taste sometimes.
                  I haven't made the mistake of trying magnolia thanks to chowhound =] and from the cupcakes I've tried in manhattan my favorite has been Two Little Red Hens. In particular their ginger cupcakes, but I think they only sell those seasonally.

              2. Sweet Revenge! The best cupcake I have ever had. Very moist and delicious.

                1. In case you live near Tonnie's and still want Two Little Red Hen's but don't want to trek to the UES, I recently figured out they sell them at Dean & Deluca in SoHo (only a minimal upcharge, like fifty cents). I was a fan of Tonnie's as well and am sad they're gone. I actually went into Citarella off of 6th ave a few days ago (not sure of the cross street but I wanna say it's like 8th ish?) and had an amazing red velvet there! I'm not a fan of Magnolia or Crumbs either and I actually laughed out loud when I saw the line around the block of Magnolia one day last week. My thoughts are that those are all new customers and they've never tasted how dry and gross their cupcakes really are.

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                  1. re: Jess321

                    But Magnolia was on Sex and the City! It must be good! :-)

                    1. re: gutsofsteel

                      Haha. I really wanted to warn the tourists, but I seriously doubt they'd listen to anything negative about that place. Even after all of the negative reviews I'd read, I never wanted to go there myself but decided to try it just once to make sure I had reason to bash it (I knew they wouldn't be good but I have problems talking smack if I don't have personal experience to back it up)--and I wish I could have my $4 and a few hundred calories back! I couldn't even finish the red velvet...and I LOVE red velvet anything! Oh well. More for the tourists.

                      1. re: Jess321

                        I had a vanilla cupcake there and thought it was amazing and very moist. Billy's Bakery also has really good cupcakes. Magnolia may be touristy but that doesn't make a place bad. It simply means that tourists go there because it's well known. It really is great.

                        1. re: dezineliz

                          magnolia isn't bad because it's touristy. it's mediocre because of the cupcakes

                          1. re: dezineliz

                            Always forget about Billy's (not in my hood)....but cupcakes are fantastic there. My go-to cupcake recipe to bake is their vanilla vanilla cupcakes---which ALWAYS gets rave reviews!

                            1. re: dezineliz

                              Ughh, Magnolia's is beyond bad. Not because it is popular to trash it, not because it is touristy. It is just plain bad because it is bad. Too sweet, with bad chemical aftertaste.

                              Their quality plummeted after their popularity sky rocketed. I enjoyed their cakes when they first opened, not anymore.

                      2. I had a great dark choc. cupcake at the Connecticut Muffin in Fort Greene, Brooklyn...
                        need to check for other locations, as there are some...
                        DELISH !! So fresh and moist, and the frosting was so smooth !