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Omega 3,6,9 Softgel with Hechsher?

here's what I've learned so far;
you can get concentrated Omega vitamins benefits from;
1. fish oil - fish & gelatin need hechsher
2. perilla oil - gelatin need hechsher
3. chai seeds - can't found in pill form.

Has anyone found a pill/tablet/softgel form
that also featured any sort of hechsher?

even Freeda does not sell any Omega's.

BTW - I know in many case Rabbi's allow supplements even if
they are not kosher, but I'd like to at least try to find one if they exist.

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  1. Might be easier to just eat the foods that supply the Omegas, and dare I suggest, more efficacious. Then again, I'm in the middle of reading Pollan's "In Defense of Food."

    1. Why, Joe? There is no benefit to omega 6. The only benefit seems to be in reducing the normal Omega 6: Omega 3 ration from 15 or 30:1 down to 2 or 3:1. Therefore, forget about any new omega 6 or other polyunsaturated fatty acids, and concentrate on reducing omega 6's and increasing omega 3's. Flax seed oil is high in omega 3s, as is flax seed flour. Forget about fish oil, because it's difficult to find any kosher certified ones, and concentrate on flax seeds and flax seed oil, which is pretty commonly kosher certified. Reduce saturated fats as well, which comes from fatty red meat, and omega 6s often come from vegetable oils, so cut out foods made with oil and oily vegies. Remember, the benefits only come from radically altering diet, because there is no significant benefit just by reducing that ratio by, say, half. Must do a lot better than that. That means a very concerted effort, not just taking some food supplements. I went through most of the literature out there in response to someone's claim that grass fed beef was significantly healthier due to increased CLA and Omega 3. Literature indicates benefit, but only with radical restructuring of total dietary fatty acids, and just the change from grain to grass fed would make insignificant differences, if at all.

      1. i'm a proponent of whole foods over supplements whenever possible.
        - drizzle flax oil on your salad or steamed vegetables, or add it to a smoothie.
        - sprinkle chia seeds (or freshly ground flax) on everything from salad to yogurt to oatmeal.

        just be sure to store these items in the refrigerator to prevent rancidity.

        1. Contact The Natural Spot in Teaneck, NJ 201-862-1055. It's a health food store run by a frum couple, VERY knowledgeable .

          1. My wife has packets of flax seed (like sugar packets) that she keeps in her purse and sprinkles on -- whatever. Barely discernible taste and most have certification.

            1. OK, let me repeat. I'm not looking for a diet solution ( I already know about ) to my Omega needs, but a pill. I'm dealing with a stubborn 70 year old cardiac patient who's more likely to pop another pill, then change anything about their toxic diet - no matter how many doctors tell them to. I'll probably just go with the perilla oil and pray the gelatin's not made out of pigs feet.


              I left a message with customer service telling them I was Vegan; about their gelatin...
              I'll post what they said when I hear back from them.

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                  Fine, let me clarify. the natural spot sells all those types of supplements. If anyone would know of a kosher version of what you are looking for, they would.

                  1. re: Joe Berger

                    "OK, let me repeat."
                    actually, you didn't specify in your OP that whole food solutions weren't an option. if you had, then i, for one, wouldn't have suggested them. but now that you've made it clear, i'll second ferret's recommendation for koshervitamins.com

                    1. re: Joe Berger

                      if you are willing to buy without a hescher you can check out the omega section of the vegan essentials online store. that way rather than hoping the gelatin is not made of pig's feet you can just hope that the manufacturer is not lying about it being vegan. :) v-pure and omega zen are 2 that come in a capsule. good luck.

                      1. re: Bugg Superstar

                        thanks everyone for being patient with me,
                        both koshervitamins and veganessentials
                        are great resources short of calling anyone
                        at the natural spot. i'll post what i pick soon.