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Feb 1, 2010 08:51 PM

Johns Roast Pork - What happened??

There is no cheesesteak in the area that even comes close to John;s. It is my favorite meal. It is better then the Prime Rib at Prime Rib. It is better then the roast pig at paesano's. It is better then D'Nics at RT. Once every six months I go there to treat myself to the greatest sandwich in the USA to eat the sandwich that won the James Beard Award. Last week I made my pilgramage. When I got there the grill cook told me and all the people behind me that there would be a 30 minute delay while they filled a take out order. Hmm..I never rembered that happening before, so instead of waiting I ordered a roast pork with cheese and greens. I took the sandwich outside. The weather was freezing, but I knew I could stand the cold by just smelling the sandwich. I will never forget the first time I ate the sandwich. The first bite melded into the second bite and by the third bite the juices were running down my arm. but what I remember was the complexity of the flavors. Every flavor one after the other.The flavors were on parade in my mouth. Never had I experienced such complexity in one sandwich and I started to cry. I cried for happiness. I cried for joy. I cried because I had finally eaten the perfect sandwich. The perfect seasoning, the beautifully cooked greens and the sharp cheese. what had God wrought?? But this day was different. I sat outside in the freezing cold weather and unwrapped the sandwich. When I took a bite something was wrong. I could not taste the cheese. I could only taste the seasonings. These were not the same seasonings, I tasted before.This was not a Johns Roast Pork. This was unpleasant. I could not finish it. Again, I had tears in my eyes, but this time from a deep and never ending disappointment.Somebody, tell me what had changed? What has gone so wrong with the best sandwich in the city. My heart is broken. Now I am afraid to try the cheesesteak. God have mercy on my soul.

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  1. Haven't been since last Summer and saw on another post that things have apparently gone down hill.

    1. I don't think that John has ever returned to work (except a few short shifts) since his illness. I believe his niece was originally in charge of continuing his recipe. Perhaps she has strayed or perhaps someone else has taken over. In September I emailed Craig Laban and he said he had just spoken to John and that he was hoping to be back to work in a few months. That would be about now. Hopefully if John is able to return so will the pork. (I am afraid to go and try the pork myself after two posts like yours)

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        Bigley -Don't be afraid. Afterall its only a sandwich and the family could probably use your financial support with the illness. I'll bet you'll be pleasantly surprised with the pork! Best wishes to the family.

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          oh I didn't mean to imply I had never had the pork! I live about a half mile from John's - if I am home on a week day it is frequently my special lunch! I just am afraid to go back and be disappointed - but I am sure I will return!

      2. I can't speak for the pork, as I have passed the crown to Paesano's a while ago and see no reason to go elsewhere for a pork sandwich when Paesano's is so damn good. But I did have the cheesesteak this morning from John's and I'm happy to report it's just as good as it's supposed to be. I definitely miss seeing John mix it up on the grill like a maniac, but the steak was delicious.

        1. Can anyone confirm this? Have things really gone downhill since John left?

          I've never been to John's Roast Pork but I was thinking of making a stop there with some friends after all the reviews I've read, but now I'm reconsidering...