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Inatei pics

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Here are a bunch of pics from Inatei.

Rock Porgy - This item is from the specials board. Inatei always has some kind of whole fish that can be ordered in this style.

Live Scallops - Served with the corals, which are more delicious raw than I was expecting!

Strawberry tofu mousse - This is a pic of one of there random desserts, which are often a form of tofu mousse, custard, or cake.

Live lobster sashimi - This is quite a treat, and they made the lobsters head into a soup after we were done with it.

Robatayaki - This is a selection of three of my favorites from the cooked menu. From left to right we have, bacon wrapped scallops, ox tongue, and chicken. As I have said in the past, this makes for great fair until the GTA gets a real Yakitori joint.

Chirashi - This is another pic from the regular menu. I admit it isn't the best pic ever, the cucumber and ginger are obscuring some of the fish. But notice on the right hand side the fish/roe together. Delicious. Also notice the lack of fake crab in this dish.

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  1. Nice! I've been off sushi/sashimi lately, this looks like a place to go to revisit this kind of cuisine.

    1. Thanks for this, graydyn. It looks delicious. I will have to try this place sometime soon...

      1. thanks for the pics. I should really pay a second visit and go beyond just sushi and sashimi