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Feb 1, 2010 06:52 PM

Whole grain and whole wheat options?

I am currently into the whole grain and whole wheat phases. I have started eating healthy and enjoy such things as Kashi Cereal and Bob's Red Mill Flax seed, etc.

What are some supermarket items that can be eaten for lunch that are great for your body and don't contain junk in them?

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  1. Most/all food that is "unprepared" is good for you.

    If you want prepared food, look for packages that offer less salt, less "trans" fats; look at the ingredients if they seem weird than it's probably not that good for you; i.e. low fat yogurt is one of those, it has a lot of ingredients that simulate the taste and texture of normal yogurt but makes the taste bad (IMO), so I prefer eat a real yogurt even if it has more fat in it.

    I the case of grains, the less is done to them the better they are at the end for you, (for example whole wheat vs. white bleached wheat);

    But, for example, a good traditional baguette made with white flour is very good in itself and one should not skip that once in a while!

    1. I've been loving Hint of Salt Triscuits when I want something crunchy & savory; popcorn...pop your own either in microwave (uses no oil) or on stovetop or in an air popper. Great stuff...whole grain goodness. Oats...either steel cut or organic. I might think of a few more.

      1. I love making salads out of whole grains, especially wheat berries. They take an hour or so to cook, similar to brown rice, but with extra pop and chew. I make them into a salad with diced vegetables, or stir in pesto or marinara . . . yum.

        1. Ezekiel bread, which can be found in my local grocery stores in the frozen "healthy food" section, is fabulous. Jazz up some hummus, and you have the most nutritious sandwich on earth.

          There is a new brand of pasta: Explore Asian, and they are each made with only one ingredient, such as organic mung beans in their fettuchini. Unlike other non-wheat pastas that I've tried, this does not fall apart, remains chewy and is so delicious.

          Quinoa cooks up in 10 minutes, and is a great alternative to rice for making salads, etc.

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              I love Ezekiel bread. I store it in the freezer..

            2. Martin's 100% Whole Wheat Potato Bread is as mild and soft as their white flour potato bread, One slice is 16% of the recommended daily fiber allowance.

              A good rule of thumb for carbohydrate foods is to avoid the white stuff: sugar, white rice, white flour.....these wreak havoc with blood sugar, and the starches have less fiber than their whole grain/brown relatives.

              Dried fruit instead of candy for a sweet tooth - but remember to visualize the volume of the fresh fruit and size your portion accordingly, drinking water along with it.

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                Ditto on the Martins Whole Wheat Potato Bread. It is so good, I almost doubt the ingredient list.