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Feb 1, 2010 06:40 PM

Who won the burger bash?

I was at KO Prime's burger bash tonight and had an excellent time sampling all ten burgers. Toro's and Bristol lounge's were favorites. However, we left before the judging and I was wondering who won. Thanks!

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  1. Can you give us a rundown on the different burgers, how they tasted, how they were different, which ones you didn't like and why, etc?

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. WOW I'm shocked that Bristol won, I went last night and found the Bristol burger to be near the middle of the pack. They had a very nice presentation (a little onion ring on top) but the burger lacked a good crust and was a little dry. They were sandwiched between Sel de la Terre and Stella which I ranked as the top two.
          Stella served their burger on toast, which I'm normally not a big fan of, but it worked with the smaller portions. They had a fontina stuffed burger, with a pickle for the topping. The pickle was a nice complement to the fontina and the burger had a great crust and was very juicy.
          Sel de la Terre served their burger as a mini burger, rather then slicing up a full sized burger as Stella did. It had a perfect crust and was unbelievably juicy. The flavor of the beef was what put it over the top. They let the beef speak for itself, and didn't try to add too many flavors to the burger.
          Toro served their "messy" burger, which I've come to love after reading Kenji's article. I think it lost a little bit in being cut up, as it's hard to keep all of that goodness on top of a little slice of burger.
          A few other notes: KO Primes burger had a giant slice of pate on top that overwhelmed what was a good burger, Green Street had a very interesting double burger with a fried pickle on top, the flavors were good, but blended together and it was hard to taste the burger through everything else going on, Lower Depths burger was cooked beyond well done, Mike’s City Dinner had a great lamb burger, but some in our group found the spices to be a little intense. I know I missed a few but those are all that are coming to mind at the moment. On the whole it was a great event.

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            And that is why Sel de La Terre has my favorite burger in Boston! That's usually how they do it at their restaurant (the one in natick, at least). Always unbelievably juicy and blissful ahh. I still put it up over any burger I've had in Boston so far and yes, that does include the Craigie burger. No comparison.

            1. Hmm I think we do review the latest in beef jerky in a sense, the "carne de sol" (sun dried beef) I got from Acougue Brasil in Medford this weekend was much better than recent shopping experiences at casa de carnes solucao and in the past year we have had several postings about various bresola's from local chefs including meats other than beef, plus I believe at least one hound is making their own. So yeah we want to know the latest in jerky!

              1. working on my write-up, hopefully today. I was one of the judges last night, which really only meant we tallied the votes and presented the trophy. The public got it wrong, in my opinion, as I loved Tremont and Sel de la Terre the best.

              2. A little late, but…
                I was lucky to go with my husband and we shared our samples, however I still ended the night feeling a little sick. But such a pleasant trip to get to that point!

                Andy Husbands (Tremont 647) –OK, but only memorable for its whole wheat bun.

                Brooke Vosika (Bristol Lounge) –I had trouble tasting the burger with the potato(?) ring, but liked it a lot after the ring was removed. However, I felt like I shouldn’t have to change a burger to like it.

                Jamie Bissonette (Toro & Coppa) – As wrong as it might be, I like my burgers medium well and this one was so rare on the inside, I poked it with my finger and it felt practically raw. It also taste nothing like a burger with its caramelized onions and aioli. However, that being said, I practically swooned at how delicious it was in my mouth. It was my favorite of the night and in spite of its “not-burger” flavor, I voted it #1. Can’t wait to go to Toro for a whole one!

                Jay Haaj (Mike's City Diner) – Fabulously flavorful lamb burger. The spices (allspice? mint?) complemented the lamb beautifully and the pitaesque bun was just right. This was another favorite.

                Louis Di Biccari (Sel De La Terre) – A slider, which made it easier to eat, but it wasn’t especially beefy tasting. I think it was a little cold when we got it, because the cheese was kind of congealed. We were a bit disappointed as I’d heard so good things about Sel De La Terre’s burgers.

                Evan Deluty (Stella) – Even though it had bread (with the crusts cut off!) instead of bun, it was a solid quality burger that tasted like a burger. Possibly helped by the pickle on top.

                Ming Tsai (Blue Ginger) – I understand why he’s a TV personality—he was easily the most outgoing showman in the rooms. The ground shrimp patty burger was tasty (didn’t taste anything like shrimp) and had a nice texture, but couldn’t get my mind to think of it as a burger.

                Tyler Potter (Lower Depths) – Smoke, apple, and bacon were prevalent. I thought the apples worked, but with the smoked gouda and smoked bacon, I couldn’t taste much of anything else. At another time (maybe at Lower Depths for a meal) I think I would have liked it.

                Greg Reeves (Green Street Grill) – This was my husband’s favorite & my second favorite. Flavorful double cheeseburger with bacon and a fried pickle. This burger definitely lived up to its reputation. I believe pickles add a lot to a burger.

                Ken Oringer & Josh Buehler (KO Prime) – I remember the foie gras more than anything else about it. Was there anything else on it? And how can it seem like too much if it only had one topping (really a bottoming in this case). Unlike in a previous post, the foie gras was nicely melted on ours. Even though I didn’t love their burger, I’m so glad they did this event.

                Thanks to RichardA for the heads-up about the bash! We had a great time and probably wouldn’t have known about it and gotten in without his timely post.

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                  I found the green street burger off-putting. that fried pickle actually tasted like seafood to me, not good eats. And the lower depths burger was just way too spicy, couldn't taste anything else, in my opinion.

                2. Just a minor note, a few people have referred to some of the burgers as sliders. A slider is a thin patty, griddled, with pickles and onions on top. Sel de la Terre, Bristol, and K.O. where serving mini-burgers, just shrunken down versions of their normal burger, as opposed to a cut up burger. Sorry to nitpick, but just didn't want anyone to be confused.

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                    Thanks. Did not know that. I come from White Castle-land (Ohio) and just thought it had to do with the size.

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                      I eat sliders all the time I have not seen anybody around town using flat patties for sliders i am not sure where you have seen this

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                        Well my contention would be that you haven't been eating sliders all the time but rather you've been eating mini-burgers :-) For a less than authoritative breakdown of hamburger types see
                        There is a link in the article to a full rant on the subject of sliders v. mini-burgers. I don't know why I'm bothered by this distinction. I don't think anyone is going to suffer by eating a mini-burger when they think they're eating a slider, but for some reason it bugs the crap out of me.

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                          I'm right there with you on this - I hate how "slider" is being used as "mini-burger" these days. I think that you're fighting an uphill battle though, that's how these things tend to go