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Feb 1, 2010 06:26 PM


Any recommendations for a restaurant doing this on the 13th? i want to surprise my wife with a truffle tasting menu or at leas a great menu with a lot of truffle options....the more reasonably pried the better....please help!


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  1. Maybe you can call Il Grano in West LA. I recall they did a truffle menu a while back.

    Melisse in Santa Monica still has their 10th Anniv. Tasting Menu - Not all truffle, but it was quite good.

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      1. White truffle season is well over if I'm not mistaken, so you're going to have a pretty tough time finding a truffle tasting menu this time of year, but the experts around here can correct me if I'm wrong. I think you're going to be out of luck, but of course there are plenty of other great tastings out there.

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          I'm still seeing the local variety (from around Shasta) at the SMFM. Both White and Black, although the black looked nicer and felt firmer. Both had a good aroma.

          Most of the time I'd rather get the local stuff than older imported stuff. Of course it can't compare to the European stuff in it's prime, but a much better value. But to stay on topic, I really don't know of any places using Cal/Oregon Truffles currently..

        2. We went to Ado on Main st in Venice on New Year's Day and had an amazing truffle menu (mostly fresh black truffles but there were a few dishes with white) and the prices were quite reasonable for the quality- $24-$90, depending on the dish and the truffle. I sent a big time winemaker in town from Washington and his Italian wife there last week and they had the truffle dishes- came back raving about the place as some of the best Italian food they've ever had (even the Italian wife!)
          Also, they've got a bottle of Barbaresco on the list for $63(!)- perfect pairing for truffles.

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            That's gotta be the local stuff, then. They were 15$ per oz for the Cal/Oregon stuff, most Italian I've seen were 10x that price.

          2. Try Providence on Melrose, I know they have a truffle supplement for the tasting menus. On the night I was there they were offering both black and white.