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Feb 1, 2010 06:18 PM

best places in danbury/ridgefield/new milford?

Hey, just finishing up the wrestling season soon and after eating healthy and extremely little for three months, I'm ready to go crazy as soon as the last weigh ins are done. Any ideas or recommendations on the best places in the Danbury/Ridgefield/New Milford area? Thanks

Also anything in the Carmel/Patterson/Pawling area of New York State, thanks.

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  1. You'll have to post the second half of your request in the New York board, since we no longer have a board that covers both areas....

    For the CT side of your request, any specific types of food? Price points? Here are our current go-to favorites of in Danbury and Ridgefield. Don't know the New Milford scene.


    Pho Vietnam - inexpensive Vietnamese food
    Pancho's Tacos - VERY inexpensive Mexican food
    Ichiro - FUN for Hibachi


    The Little Pub - best newcomer to the area in a LONG time but go early or off hours to avoid long waits and minimal parking (at intersection of Rte 7 and Rte 102)
    Bailey's Backyard - on Bailey Ave but there's also one in Brookfield (Federal Rd at what used to be the end of the Rte 7 connector) which might be more convenient for you if you're asking about New Milford

    Have fun!

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      Nope, not looking for anything specific. You're right about Ichiro. I've been there before and it is awesome. There is also another Hibachi place in Danbury called Kabuki which I like better for their amazing salad dressing. Thanks for the list and Ill be sure to check out those restaurants.

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        The Brookfield Bailey's Backyard has closed. It's now a Mediterranean place called Misho's, which serves a Greek-Italian-Egyptian-Moroccan menu of quasi-interesting fare. Their falafel is ok. Salads are decent. Their idea of a "panini" is a little skewed. Lamb kebabs were a bit skimpy on the meat... (according to him... I don't eat lamb!) I would have to try again for a clearer picture, but so far, I prefer the food at Mykonos.

        The Brookfield Bailey's was a disaster. They scrunched too many tables too close together and played really loud, thumpy music that prompted me and my dining companion to leave before we got menus. It was so different from the one in Ridgefield... which we can actually tolerate, but it's not so fab that we go out of our way to dine there.

        Bailey's Backyard
        23 Bailey Ave, Ridgefield, CT 06877

        Mykonos Restaurant
        1848 Main Rd, Tiverton, RI 02878

      2. Try Amigo's Deli in Danbury for Dominican. The specials are a really good deal.

        1. Some of my favorites:
          New Milford - Cookhouse (BBQ)
          Danbury - JK's Texas Hot Weiners (not a fancy place by any means but just some great weiners and other diner like fare)
          Brewster (I know it's in NY) has JB's BBQ on Rt 6 - great ribs, sides are ehh.

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            Just posted this in a thread about CT BBQ--but if you're heading into NY, I'd recommend Big W in Wingdale as an amazing barbecue place--fabulous smoked chicken, great brisket, delicious ribs--and there is really a Big W (Warren), who's the nicest and most hospitable cok and host!