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Feb 1, 2010 06:01 PM

Valentine's Brunch 2010

Can anyone recommend a Valentine's Day brunch buffet for Sunday the 14th? I'm interested in a restaurant with a special menu for the occasion, along the lines of what many places offer for Easter. I'm surprised I couldn't find a write-up on this in the vast internet world, considering Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday...

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  1. Per Open Table, here are a collection of Valentine's Weekend specials in MSP. Several mention brunch.

    1. Not a buffet and their website does not mention anything specific for Valentine's Day (other than that they are having it and it is part of their Valentine's weekend package)...but the best "romantic brunch" I have been to is the 5-course champagne brunch at the Nicollet Island Inn. It is a very nice space and has a definite special occasion feel to it. The food was quite good as was the service.

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        Ditto on Nicollet Island Inn. Brilliant brunch, impeccable service, traditionalists. If you are not focused on the buffet aspect, Meritage in St. Paul has an amazing breakfast/brunch menu and fantastic service as well.

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          Nicollet Island would be lovely, if they're not already booked up. The "tasting" type menu is appealing since we could try a variety of foods. Variety is the reason I'm searching for a brunch buffet (upscale) and do not want to go somewhere with a regular brunch menu, like Meritage. Afton House Inn has a champagne brunch - anyone been? Any other champagne brunches out there?