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Feb 1, 2010 04:44 PM

The Best Memphis Burger?

Ok, I know Huey's always wins the Flyer poll, but who do you love? I have heard everything from Tops to Belmont to East End to Dyer's. Where do the locals go when we need a burger fix? I always liked Bradley's when he was on Riverdale, then G'town and most lately C'ville (now closed). From what I understand this place was a Dyer's spin off. Thoughts?

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  1. My burger experience in Memphis has been limited (I usually try to eat as much barbecue as I can when I'm there). But having eaten at both Huey's and Dyer's a few times, I can say that I like Dyer's better. But then again, I like it greasy.

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      J. Alexanders also makes a fine burger - made in house from steak scraps.
      I have to second the Tops burger as well - yummy greasy goodness.

    2. My favorite is the burger at Interim. Not a burger place, but a great burger!

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        The Interim burger may be my favorite in town, but it's now $15, which finally seems like too much. I think it started at $11 and has been creeping up. Never cheap, but $15 seems like a deal-breaker to me.

        I want to try the burger at River Oaks now that Jose is there. His burger at Encore was always one of my favorite. Not sure how much it is.

        On the cheap and greasy side, the cheeseburger at Tops is actually really good, too.

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          My favorite burger in town was always at Elliott's Downtown on 2nd. However, they have changed ownership and I haven't eaten there in a while since I don't work Downtown anymore.

          Cafe 1912 on Cooper has a good burger. Three Little Pigs has a good greasy burger similar to Tops.

          I've never had it, but the Butcher Shop by the Agricenter is supposed to have a good burger for Friday lunch.

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            $15 is a bit much for a burger. It's been awhile since i've had it though. I can justify $11, but agree that $15 is high. Never been to Tops, but will have to try a burger there next time I'm in the mood for one!

            1. re: runningmom26.2

              I forgot about the Butcher Shop burger! You have to get there early, or you will be waiting in line. I recently saw a food network show called "The Best Thing I Ever Ate", and Marc Summers (who generally annoys me) said he likes the burger at Steak and Shake. I tried it last week, and it was good. Years ago, I ate a wonderful burger at Ernestine & Hazels. Now, I was a bit "beery" but it was great.