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Feb 1, 2010 04:05 PM

Valentine's Day & Sushi Offerings in LA - (feel free to suggest more options)

Woo your special someone with sushi at one of the options listed below. List is organized by cost and as you will see, you don't have to break the bank to pamper your baby.

Offers two special menu items: (1) the chirashizushi ($28) consists of a heart-shaped bowl filled with sushi rice, topped with an assortment of fish and (2) the blue fin tuna tartar ($28) has blue fin, fresh avocado and saikyo-miso vinaigrette, topped with fresh black truffle.

Special omakase menu for $45. Appetizers: Maine lobster or bluefin toro or foie gras wrapped in wagyu loin. Entrées: Kobe filet and foie gras or Japanese snapper and unagi or kurobuta pork. Desserts: chocolate tart or "Hana-Panna-Cotta" with elder flower, caramelized tapenade, strawberry foam and white chocolate snow.

Choose from Tengu's a la carte menu of sushi & Asian cuisine or a special five-course prix-fixe menu for $68.

The Hump
Seven-course Chef's Menu for $75, as well as omakase menu.

Thousand Cranes
Two for one Kaiseki (3-course prix-fixe menu, $75).

Two seatings, a la carte and special omakase ($140) offered both seatings. Omakase menu: zensai; toro tartar with Kumomoto oysters; Wagyu new style sashimi; assorted sashimi salad with yuzu dressing; sous vide hamachi moromi miso vinagrette; truffled lobster; assorted sushi; lobster clear soup; dessert.

In addition to the regular menu, they offer a five-course omakase dinner for $150. Menu: sashimi trio (negi toro, hirami crab and hamachi jalapeño) and broiled miso cod with spring vegetables. You can add sake pairing, roses, or bottle of Veuve Cliquot or Dom Perignon.

Drop a comment if you know of other options and I'll update the list.

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  1. Eesh, sushi on a Sunday night and on Valentine's Day sounds like it could get ugly, but I'll be interested to hear your experience if you end up checking out one of these options.

    I think my plan is going to be oysters at BP Oysterette the night before.