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Feb 1, 2010 03:51 PM

ginger park vs myers and chang

hi, three of us are going out wednesday for some fusion cuisine in south end, have been to neither GP or M&C which one is better? thanks

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  1. I like them both. Very different vibes: M+C is more casual, funky, and plays better music. GP has a stunning, modern interior design and a full bar. The food at both is worthwhile and a good value by neighborhood standards. M+C has a longer track record, has been delivering consistently for a few years now, and has notably good and diverse vegetarian and gluten-free menus. GP feels fancier, more dressed up.

    If you like dining at the bar, GP is preferable: it's comfortable and the bartenders are fine servers; M+C doesn't have a proper bar, rather counter seating directly in front of the open kitchen: fun to watch, but you may leave smelling like a stir-fry. Foodwise, I'd give the nod to M+C for being more consistent with fewer misses on the menu at this point, but I'd encourage you to try them both when you can. You can eat really well at either.

    1. This is actually my first post, but I've been having this debate with friends so thought I would chime in. I generally agree with MC Slim JB -- Ginger Park is a good scene and an incredible space, but M&C is clearly a better food experience right now. I find Ginger Park to be overly priced and a little inconsistent in the service, whereas a dinner at M&C is guaranteed to be fantastic.

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        Ginger Park has some great items that you can share with friends. They also have some fun cocktails. The space is beautiful and Chef Yao is a creative talent. Boston is lucky to have her. I've only had excellent service.

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          Haven't been yet to Ginger Park, but can't wait. Chef Yao's restaurant AZ in NYC was great so I'm looking forward very much to try Ginger Park.

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            Patricia Yeo is a fantastic talent, and I loved the many meals I had at AZ when she was there. However, I must disagree about Ginger Park. We went only once, and service was abysmal. The portions were very small (and expensive) and the spicy rib dish we had was hardly spicy - or flavorful, for that matter. To be fair, I enjoyed one dish - the wontons with the chili sauce - but even then the portion was very small. My husband's cocktail - which, IIRC was biled as a cucumber martini, was nearly vodka free. It took about 20 minutes to have the drink corrected and by then, we were through half our meal. The room is gorgeous. Hemant was there the night we were in and he was gracious as always. But all the hospitality in the world could not make up for the unseasoned wait staff and bad product. I was especially surprised to see Patricia standing in the back of the room near the kitchen door, as I had supposed the B-Team was on that night. Very disappointed in the experience. I would not rule out returning for a second chance, but I am not hurrying to do so.

        2. I haven't been to GP, but went to M&C last week and had a really fabulous meal. I had been once before and enjoyed it, but found the food to be significantly better this time around. Maybe it was what we ordered? The oyster omelet (a special that evening) and grilled baby octopus were both standouts. I also love their mai tais (even though I've never particularly liked that drink elsewhere).

          I'd like to get to GP to compare.