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Feb 1, 2010 03:28 PM

Kraft "Original Recipe" BBQ sauce "Now Better Tasting"

They changed the recipe of the original recipe. I cant believe it! I didnt use this for many things but my go-to places for roastbeef sandwichs (Walts Roastbeef) in Rhode Island, used this on their sandwiches. I enjoyed it for 20 years and now I cant eat there anymore, I hate the new sauce!!!!! Anyone else with a similar dislike of the new recipe?

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  1. Makes you wonder it the folks in Kraft marketing are overdosing on some for of medication; or worse. How does an "Original Recipe" become better tasting if it's the same recipe they used before? That's utter nonsense.
    Sorry, I don't use commercial BBQ sauces to I can't speak to the comparative qualities of the original and the new..

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    1. re: todao

      That was my thought as well: how can it be both "original" and "better"?

    2. I have a dislike of MOST every BBQ sauce on supermarket shelves. That bias comes from knowing how to make it myself. I do keep a bottle of Daves "Sweet & Sassy" if I just need a dab. IF I am doinga big feed, I make my own.

      In a sauce pan {to disolve sugar}.. approx 1 cup Ketchup, dash of Worcestershire, 1/2 tsp or so of Chii powder, a few tbsp brown sugar.... Add Vinegar till it don't taste like Ketchup anymore. I prefer Balsamic Vinegar for the color, and tangy sweet taste.

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        Everything BBQ sauce I see in supermarkets has two flaws: (1) way too sweet, and (2) no heat. I prefer sauce like Legends BBQ HabaƱero, loads of heat and hardly any sweet.