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Feb 1, 2010 02:58 PM

Ridgefield, CT: Auntie G's Deli, Bakery, Barbeque

According to The Ridgefield Press, this place just opened on Rte 35 (just south of Rte 7). Article (couldn't get it to link, sorry!) says it's a mix of homemade baked goods, barbeque (mix of styles), and the "best of the best" of all types of sandwiches (e.g. Philly Cheesesteaks, NY Reubens, etc.)

If it tastes as good as it reads, it could be a HUGE find for us on the Rte 7 corridor. I'll try to get there this week. (With huge hopes but low expectations for a TRUE Philly cheesesteak!)

Anyone been in there yet???

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  1. I am about to say something that I never in my life thought I would say:

    THAT PHILLY CHEESESTEAK WAS AMAZING!!!!!! (In Connecticut, no less...)

    We stopped at Auntie G's on the way home tonight to check it out. It smelled amazing inside - a mix of the barbeque, the fresh baked pies/cakes/cookies, and the other foods. Now I will say (for all you purists) that they are selling Boar's Head, rather than making all their own meats, and I know for some CHers that's a no-no. But the prepared foods were all homemade. According to the owner (who kibbitzed with us at lenght...he may be an Italian from Arthur Ave but he talks like a landsman from the Lower East Side!), he even makes his own knishes but he had none on hand today. I'm hoping to pick up some homemade potato knishes this weekend.

    So here's the deal on the cheesesteak. First, I watched him slice the meat. No Steak-umm here! He offered me a choice of cheese and I admit that my years of experience in the Nutmeg state suddenly overpowered my Philly ancestral longings. I ordered the provolone instead of the "cheese-whiz" and, yes, I realize for all of you Philly purists that was absolutely the wrong thing to do. I'm not even sure how it happened. But it did.

    He threw some peppers and onions on the grill - red and green peppers. He grilled the steak. He sliced open an Arthur Ave hoagie (grinder/sub) roll. He did put the steak, peppers, and onions on first and then the cheese on top. Next time I'll be smart enough to tell him to put the cheese on the bread first, because that way it won't squeeze out the side opening when I eat...

    The cheesesteak was delicious. Incredible. Brought back memories of Philadelphia...and that was after it survived the ride home, which included a quick stop at Baskin-Robbins for the hungry kid in the back seat. It was HUGE. I could barely get my mouth around it. And although I was starving and it was fabulous, I couldn't manage the last few bites (but the hungry kid was happy to polish it off for me). [note from the hungry kid, who is now looking over my shoulder: it was REALLY good]

    He threw in a small side of homemade cole slaw - tangy, terrific - and a half-sour pickle which was just perfect.

    Can't wait to try more on the menu! We will DEFINITELY be back.

    I only wish they were in a better location... Not sure how long they can survive where they are. And if you're looking, they are in the little shops near Bring'n'Buy, on Rte. 35 immediately south of Route 7.

    Oh - and according to the take out menu they stuck in the bag, they deliver (free for orders over $25) and they cater, too.

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    1. re: hungrykids

      Thanks for the review - sounds good. I am interested to know if anyone else has been?

    2. Jealous, my SO made a separate visit to see if I was telling the truth about the cheesesteak. Two more (one for SO one for one hungry kid) confirmed the first was not a fluke.

      Also sampled the brisket, which was a sweet, barbeque style (not like our family recipe which makes regular appearances at Rosh Hashanah and Passover) and proclaimed it "different but delicious." (Not that we're barbeque experts....)

      Brought home a container of the mac and cheese which was good but included meat - which was unexpected and not a big hit with the second hungry kid.

      Planning to stop by today to see if the potato knishes are available for a taste test!

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      1. re: hungrykids

        Stopped in this afternoon to pick up something for dinner. Took home some brisket (big hit but one hungry kid announced that it tasted like ribs....true, for him brisket is always the family recipe, while this brisket, smoked and with a sweet barbecue sauce did taste like bbq ribs) and took a second try at the mac and cheese, after a conversation w/ the owner revealed that the night we tried it he had made an "stepped up" version w/ bacon. He said everyone asked for traditional so he went back to the tried and true and, IMO, it was a good choice. This is a creamy, cheddary, traditional mac and cheese and was a big hit with both hungry kids. In anticipation of being snowed in tomorrow, I also grabbed some meatloaf and some stuffed cabbage for tomorrow...

        Sign on the counter said they'll have hamentaschen this weekend and the owner's wife was midway through the apricot filling while I was there. Inspired me to pick up ingredients at the market on the way home to make our own tomorrow...

        Unfortunately, missed out on the knishes...again...

      2. On my way back from Brewster, I stopped to get a brisket sandwich for my hubby who was home with a bad cold. The folks behind the counter were very attentive and before I could even ask for a sample or two perfect sampling portions of pulled pork and the brisket were thrust into my hands. I was lucky enough to score a knish as well. Once home hubby and I shared the brisket sandwich, knish, corn bread, cole slaw and pickle and we really enjoyed it. I'll be back to try the pastrami (one of our favorites). By the way, I told the owners about this thread and Chowhound. They did not know about it but they seemed anxious to read up on the reviews. I wish them good luck on their venture. It gives us another take out option besides chinese or italian.

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        1. re: jvaum

          oh i'm so jealous...we never made it there friday to pick up a knish...i tried to stop on my way home from danbury, but the hungry kid in the backseat said it would be too embarrassing to be in there three times in one week (since he was with both me and my so when we stopped in separately). i gave in...and now i'm regretting it!

        2. jfood was in the area and decided to give it a try and he was not disappointed.

          Since it was still early (1030) the hot lunch meats were not ready to go so after chatting with the lady behind the counter, a take out 1# carton of pulled pork and two hard rolls were the answer. While he waited the owner cam from behind, tears in his eyes from cutting onions. Both he and the lady behind the counter were sweethearts, people you want to do business with, so that was a major positive.

          After the drive home and a little time, jfood took half the pork and placed in the MV to reheat. Onto the roll and over to the table.

          The first bite was intersting. You could taste the smokiness, plus there appeared to be some bean flavor to the sauce, and there were a few beans in the dish. The pork itself was absolutely perfect, still moist, flavorful and the sauce had just enough spice for jfood. The roll was also great for the sandwich. Some may think the sauce is a little sweet and not vinegary to their tastes, but for jfood he like just the hint of heat, a nice balance with the beans and a great pull of meat.

          Jfood only wishes it were closer.

          1. Yeah, and it's real good. Didn't like the coleslaw, but the corned beef was the best I have ever had - and I've made corned beef before. I just moved to the area. Real friendly, Chef Paul is. Open early and late, too.