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Feb 1, 2010 02:55 PM

lunch in orlando area on sat.

going thru orlando on rt.4 sat on way to titusville for shuttle launch. need a lunch place that serves a great hamburger or a great lunch. not to far off the highway. pub sort of place

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  1. The Ravenous Pig has an amazing hamburger,and it's a few minutes off I4's Fairbanks exit. The atmosphere is a bit nicer than pubby but not too formal.

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    1. re: Rona Gindin

      Honestly the Ravenous Pig rules the Orlando food scene. And their burgers make everyone else look like McDonalds. Honestly. But it is a wee bit more upscale, with price to match.

    2. to hell with the pig, go to 4 rivers. bloody amazing. best bbq i've had in florida hands down.

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        great brisket for sure. But no burgers on menu. I realize it's to late for saturday. But the happy hour deal on hamburgers at Flemings is a awesome burger for a great price ($6).
        I was up at Brio (winter park) and they have a happy hour hamburger for $2.95. Haven't had it yet so can't recommend the quality, but what a price...... I did have the shrimptini app and it was very good and a steal at $2.95. The Palm happy hour has 3 decent tasting kobe sliders burgers for $3.50 total.

      2. Five Guys. Not sure where you are coming from, but there are a few of these in the area and their burgers and fries are made fresh.