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Feb 1, 2010 01:58 PM

St Louis restaurant - dressy, great food

My SO wants us to "hit the town" and get dressed to the nines for dinner one night soon. He's suggested Kemolls (I'm not really excited about that) because he thinks that the view must be spectacular. I've looked at the menu and it's really not making me want to go there anytime soon - not that it's bad, just not my style. My faves in the STL iarea include Mosaic, Erato on Main and Modesto. Would Niche, Sidney Street, or someplace else fit the bill as far as great food AND a dress code? I woudn't mind getting into something fabulous, but I've worn "dressy casual" to my favorites and haven't stood out at all. Thoughts?

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  1. I'd recommend both Niche and Monarch. Monarch especially has a more formal, "fine dining" feel to the main dining than most restaurants while still serving good food.

    1. You want a dress code? Go to Tony's. Jackets required for men. I don't think you'll find another place on your list that will compete on that criterion.

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        Tony's does have a dress code, but the food there is old fashioned and isn't on the same level as Niche, Sidney Street or Monarch. There isn't a restaurant in St. Louis that has top level food and a formal dress code/atmosphere. If the OP really wants both, they should just go to Chicago.

      2. Is Al's still any good? I went there once about twenty years ago, had a great meal with my dad, sister and brother in law and it would fit the bill if it is still good. Very traditional preparations if I remember correctly. Thoughts?