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Feb 1, 2010 01:32 PM

Help me cook with my collection of cheese rinds.

I read somewhere that cheese rinds are great for making soup. I have been saving the rinds from various wonderful cheeses - Parmesan, aged Gouda, Gruyere - to use for that purpose. Problem is, I can't remember what soup to make. Does anyone have suggestions for cooking with old cheese rinds?

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  1. Parmigiano-Reggiano is the classic common cheese rind used to flavor minestrone and Tuscan bean soups made with greens like chard & kale.

    i'm thinking the smoked gouda would be great in a roasted tomato or roasted red pepper soup...or even squash or split pea.

    the gruyere could go into the beef broth for French onion.

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      I put them in Pasta sauces and soups. Yum.

    2. Add to a homemade pasta sauce, light cream sauce or hearty cheese sauce.
      Broken off pieces work well in potato soup, cheese soups and meatball soup too.
      I recently added broken rinds to roasted veggies and it was killer good.

      1. also with lentils and beans.