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Feb 1, 2010 01:32 PM

How come it's so hard to find a chili cheeseburger that's the ""

Call me dumb because for some stupid reason I thought I'd have luck at the Red Robin in Fort Myers Florida just now.

No go! Giant disappointment both the burger- the fries- the half brained waiter. (our kids have all waited tables so not putting that down just the dude I got today.

On a quest for a wonderful chili cheeseburger. I have one In mind from 20 years ago that I'd love to be able to duplicate. The place, although still in business, changed hands years ago and hasn't done burgers since. Whaaaaaah. So my dilemma is (around this great nation of ours) where can a soul get one that you'd call the

So pretend you could get pretty much anywhere in the country.
Where would you go for the ultimate chili cheeseburger?

Ease consider this tho...Chili's=awful, in&out=they don't offer chili, Fridays=no thank you, Applebees=nope.

Are there home town favorites?
Where will I find the BEST chili cheeseburger in the country?
TIA :)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Famous Sam's (I know they're in AZ) serves a super - de - duper chili cheese burger. Served open face w/ a knife and fork. So big that I can't finish it and oddly enough, served with a pickle.

      I don't often make them at home, but when I do it's usually veggie chili and turkey burgers. Not as good as the full fat / flavor ones.

      1. Our local tavern in Upper Michigan has the "bomb" of a chili cheeseburger! Called the FAT BOYZ BURGER , named after the promises "This one will clog up your pipes but it is well worth it! Our 1/3lb. Angus burger, piled with chili, bacon, and cheese! And it does indeed satisfy! Delish!!

        1. Lottaburger, a New Mexico chain makes a damn good cheese burger w/ Hatch green chile; I always ask for double green chile. Yum.

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            oh now that sounds good. New Mexico huh? I know they're known for that Hatch chili festival or whatever it's called, maybe cookoff?

              1. re: Passadumkeg

                Agreed on Lottaburger! They make one of the best green chile cheeseburgers I've ever had...dang, now I want one!

              2. About a year ago when I was in your neck of the woods (Fort Myers) for business, I had a pretty good chili cheeseburger at a place called Talk of the Town.

                In my neck of the woods (Los Angeles), I go The Hat for a great chili cheeseburger. It's a total greasebomb and when the burger cools a bit, the chili takes on a nice flourescent orange glow to it that would make a nuclear physicists want to rewrite their Ph.D. thesis.

                Similarly, in Pasadena, CA, a local joint called Pie N Burger makes a fine cheeseburger and a great bowl of chili, but alas no "chili cheeseburger" per se. But you know what they say ... "hunger is the mother of invention" :-)

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                1. re: ipsedixit

                  ip, thanks for the heads up about hat I've never heard of it.
                  Fort Myers is not my neck of the woods. was just there over night and was hungry.
                  if you're letting me know about The Hat, there is one in "SLimi "Valley and I'll give it a try. If you are ever in Simi Valley, don't miss Tico's Taco's. That's my hint to you....