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Feb 1, 2010 01:04 PM

Best XO Sauce in Manhattan Chinatown?

I've been disappointed thus far by my XO experiences here - frankly, none have been as good as that which I've made at home. It seems they fall into two categories: either corn-starch gloop with no solids and a vague fishy taste, or what seems like the overly-fishy jarred stuff you can find at most Chinatown markets. I'm looking for a place that makes their own - nice and ristic, where I can see the bits of dried scallop, shrimp and ham, where it hasn't been processed into a homogenous paste. I find it hard to believe that I, a Jew from Connecticut, make the best XO Sauce in NYC - but so far that's the impression I'm getting.

There's a number of places I haven't tried the XO at yet but have been meaning to - the higher end, more notable places like Oriental Garden, Fulleen's and Amazing 66 among them. I've been to both, both are great - just haven't tried the XO yet. Anyone tried? Or someplace else worth checking out?

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