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Feb 1, 2010 12:23 PM


We're going to copenhagen in march and I wanted to try NOMA but unfortunately they are booked up for 2-people tables for our entire stay. so bummed.

i've had a hard time finding the right contact info for SCHULTZ and PASSAGENS SPISEHUS. does anyone know if they are still open and where I could find phone/website info? i've tried google but haven't had luck. websites unavailable, wrong phone numbers. any ideas?

if these places have shuttered, any recs for some tasty inventive food in the city?

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  1. look at the blog for great ideas.

    1. Passagens Spisehus was one of my favorite restaurants in 2000-2001 when I was in CPH frequently. I did some searching and found a restaurant review from January 2005 that mentioned that the ownership had changed and so did the food concept. This summer a "New York sushi" restaurant closed in the same location after being open for 5.5 years. An article mentioned that the owner was called Mads Davidsen. I remember the guy; he was very talkative and dynamic. It is quite interesting that this concept predates NOMA by a number of years and there was nothing like this in CPH at the time. The restaurant was very reasonable priced. Here is an article from May 2001. I wonder what happened to the guy?

      1. Geranium.

        Similiar to Noma.