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Feb 1, 2010 12:06 PM

Looking to buy Chayote? From Oshawa

Anyone know where i can find this Vegetable around Oshawa/Markham?

Is there any good mexican supermarkets around?


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  1. This vegetable is also known as Chocho, Chowchow, Christophene, or Buddha's Hand Squash (not to be confused with Buddha's Hand Fruit, which is a citrus fruit). It is sold in many Caribbean and Asian stores as well as Mexican ones.

    There are plenty of Asian supermarkets in Markham. There's a West Indian store in Whitby (Brock S of Dundas), and I believe there are a few South Asian Grocers in Pickering.

    Not so much of a mexican community out that way, though. Type "Mexican Oshawa" into Google maps, and Taco Bell comes up.

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      Hey Thanks for the info, Kitfo! I will check that out!