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Feb 1, 2010 11:33 AM

pasta dough - frustrated !

So I usually make pasta with 10 oz. of flour, three eggs and water.
But today I found myself out of flour ! (That NEVER happens)

So I searched around the web and found a semolina recipe that twas two to one semolina and all purpose, with SIX eggs.

Now I value the beautiful eggs my chickens produce, but I figured what the hell, I don't want to go to the store.

It just never came together into a ball to knead.
Added a little water, nothing, little more flour, nothing.

So I look up semolina pasta in Paul Bertolli's eggs at all !

Is that because it is semolina instead of all purpose? Do I have to toss it? Six eggs worth ???

I'm making ravioli, so I know it needs to be right.

Do I have to go to the store. I sorta need other stuff too...

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  1. I think eggs and oil are pretty much interchangeable when it comes to pasta dough, aren't they? With regular flour/egg pasta, usually when it won't come together it needs more liquid-- which can be really difficult to incorporate once you have it in a dry crumbly ball. You have to push and pull a lot to get the water distributed throughout the dough, but it can be done. Are your eggs a little on the small side? Usually when I buy local eggs they're a little smaller than the grocery store ones. That could be the cause of insufficient moisture.

    Hopefully someone with semolina pasta experience can tell you better. If not, you have nothing to lose by trying to work in some water-- at least you won't be wasting any more ingredients.

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    1. re: jvanderh

      I tried more liquid but it didn't come together, and yet when pressed with fingers a piece held together and flattened. I am just wondering if the semolina makes the difference, you know?
      Maybe it's fine and I just can't recognize what it should look like.

      Oh well, I went ahead and planned the week's menu, and made a list.
      Heading to the store which I was avoiding. Maybe it's for the best...

    2. I'm not an expert on pasta, but I I'm not sure you could make a dough out of only semolina that you could stretch for ravioli. The only recipes I've seen that only use semolina are for gnocchi.

      1. My pasta dough is 1&1/2 c. AP flour, 1/2 cup FINE semolina and 3 lg. eggs. Was your semolina coarse or fine? The coarse will take a lot longer to fully hydrate, but should be ok after an hours rest. I think Bertolli's recipe is for an extruded rather than a rolled pasta; all semolina and no eggs would make for one mother of a stiff dough!! adam

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        1. re: adamshoe

          Maybe it will be okay, I think I'll roll some out.
          So mine ended up being 2 cups of AP, 1 cup of fine semolina and 6 eggs.
          I swear, I read about 5 recipes and all of them were different.

          But I got 3 large bags of AP, so my regular pasta recipe will be up and running.

          1. re: mendogurl

            @mendo, Yay! According to Marcella Hazan- guru of Ital. cuisine, pasta dough is flour and eggs, NOTHING MORE!! No water, no salt, (God forbid) NO olive oil. Flour and eggs or egg yolks- that's IT- unless you want to add a little blanched and squeezed spinach to make green pasta. I use my KA stand mixer to make the dough, but you can make it by hand with the "well" method or in a Food processor, too. Key is to let the dough "rest" for a bit in plastic wrap before thinning, but NOT in the fridge. Marcella goes off about that, too. Buon appetito! adam