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Feb 1, 2010 11:22 AM

Good Fish and Chips in Providence Area?

Does anyone have any idea of a place to get good fish and chips somewhere in or around Providence? Thanks!

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  1. O'Rourkes is great for fish & chips...It's an Irish Pub on the Warwick side of Pawtuxet Village, right where Broad street ends. I know the chef there recently left; I'm not sure if there has been a change in the food or not. But that has always been my go-to place for fish n chips (along with a pal of mine who is from England.)

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      Stadium fish and chips on Park Ave in Cranston is a personal favorite. Its English style, a heavier batter and they wrap it in newspaper. The chips are always delicious and I would rec a fish cake....layers of fish and potato battered and deep fried. The place is a dive, and greasy inside but perfect for take out. Hours are funny so make sure they are open before you make a trip!

    2. It's a little further afield, but the British Beer Company (small local chain; nearest is on Rt. 1 in Walpole, MA) consistently makes the best rendition of GOOD English-style fried fish around. They use decent fresh haddock and coat it in several layers of proper batter so that the fish CRUNCHES. Sufficient time in the fryolator also firms & dries the fish slightly, so that you can eat the last hunk by hand & dip into the tartar sauce (or malt vinegar). That's a real "dunker"! Better than donuts any day. They also have an impressive selection of well-kept draft ales, stouts, lagers.

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          Yes Hortons is excellent no foul oil flavor on the fish. Stadium Fish is horrid It used to be good but I was there about 2 months ago and carefully watched them take pre-fried fish and redip it so its deep fried twice. one main reason is the fish is dry usually means frozen fish used although I cant prove it only seeing the fish fibers protiens leech out abd give it the white line look. There is another place in Warren I have not been there but people said it is very good. If I want Fish and Chips I do it at home so there isnt a place that can equal mine.

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            If you are truly talking Providence proper, Horton's is quite excellent - your best bet. Further out, Ye Olde F&C in Woonsocket is a hit or miss. I've had excellent as well as fair F&C there - sometimes too greasy (variable fry temp?). To the south, either Buttonwoods Fish & Chips in Warwick (lightly battered) or especially Twin Willow on Rt 1A in Narragansett are both quite consistently excellent (especially the tavern style at TW, if you like a light, but more crunchy batter).

            1. Ivy Tavern, Hope St, Providence.

              1. Amazing advice! Thanks everyone, can't wait to try these things out.