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Good Fish and Chips in Providence Area?

Does anyone have any idea of a place to get good fish and chips somewhere in or around Providence? Thanks!

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  1. O'Rourkes is great for fish & chips...It's an Irish Pub on the Warwick side of Pawtuxet Village, right where Broad street ends. I know the chef there recently left; I'm not sure if there has been a change in the food or not. But that has always been my go-to place for fish n chips (along with a pal of mine who is from England.)

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      Stadium fish and chips on Park Ave in Cranston is a personal favorite. Its English style, a heavier batter and they wrap it in newspaper. The chips are always delicious and I would rec a fish cake....layers of fish and potato battered and deep fried. The place is a dive, and greasy inside but perfect for take out. Hours are funny so make sure they are open before you make a trip!

    2. It's a little further afield, but the British Beer Company (small local chain; nearest is on Rt. 1 in Walpole, MA) consistently makes the best rendition of GOOD English-style fried fish around. They use decent fresh haddock and coat it in several layers of proper batter so that the fish CRUNCHES. Sufficient time in the fryolator also firms & dries the fish slightly, so that you can eat the last hunk by hand & dip into the tartar sauce (or malt vinegar). That's a real "dunker"! Better than donuts any day. They also have an impressive selection of well-kept draft ales, stouts, lagers.

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          Yes Hortons is excellent no foul oil flavor on the fish. Stadium Fish is horrid It used to be good but I was there about 2 months ago and carefully watched them take pre-fried fish and redip it so its deep fried twice. one main reason is the fish is dry usually means frozen fish used although I cant prove it only seeing the fish fibers protiens leech out abd give it the white line look. There is another place in Warren I have not been there but people said it is very good. If I want Fish and Chips I do it at home so there isnt a place that can equal mine.

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            If you are truly talking Providence proper, Horton's is quite excellent - your best bet. Further out, Ye Olde F&C in Woonsocket is a hit or miss. I've had excellent as well as fair F&C there - sometimes too greasy (variable fry temp?). To the south, either Buttonwoods Fish & Chips in Warwick (lightly battered) or especially Twin Willow on Rt 1A in Narragansett are both quite consistently excellent (especially the tavern style at TW, if you like a light, but more crunchy batter).

            1. Ivy Tavern, Hope St, Providence.

              1. Amazing advice! Thanks everyone, can't wait to try these things out.

                1. Carries is good as well.

                  1. Captains Catch seafood market in Apponaug Circle - Warwick has 2 orders of fish and chips for $11, but make sure you call ahead because they are swamped on busy days. Fish is always fresh, very good.

                    1. Ye Olde English in Woonsocket has authentic British fish & chips. It's been around for AGES.

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                        On the plus side, their F&C are freshly battered. Unfortunately, it's a thick batter which tends to pull in excessive oil during frying - it can be quite heavy for me.