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Feb 1, 2010 10:43 AM

The best butter and eggs available?

Hi there,

I'm looking for the best butter and eggs I can get hold of in Toronto for some baking. Any suggestions?


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  1. I've tried a very wide range of butters for baking over the years. I've used everything from standard supermarket brands to imported European butters to various organic and locally produced butters. My standard has become Organic Meadow, which is available at most supermarkets and natural foods stores. I find it has a delicious sweet flavour, which becomes cheesier as the butter ages (especially if you keep it on the counter). Organic Meadow also makes milk, but I prefer Harmony.

    For eggs, if you can possibly manage, I'd try to get them from a farm or someone connected to a farm. I have a regular supply out of Kingston, which doesn't help you, but I can attest that the eggs are vastly superior to anything I could get from a store. When that supply fails, I get eggs from a vendor at the Wychwood farmers' market.

    1. the best butter I've had so far is beurre echire. I did buy some over xmas at st.lawrence markets as listed in this thread. I don't know if you'd want to bake with it as it is so good but I did consider making shortbread with it just to see how good it would be.
      I get fresh farm eggs at the market too. though sadly, the original egg man died late 2009 and new people are there selling eggs on the north side of the market. on saturdays, they have thursday eggs I think that's pretty fresh.

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        Thanks guys. I'll have a look next time I'm around SLM. I used Organic Meadow last time and it was very nice. I'm honestly not sure that I could tell them difference between different butters and eggs when used in baking, but I'd like to investigate.

      2. I share your quest for great butter Danada. Have you had any luck?

        One needs an amazing butter to go with great breads or muffins (low-carbers be gone!). Although the standard waxy supermarket butter maybe fine for cooking, I long for a real quality butter when eating it "straight".

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          I agree on the butter side - it really just matters if it's salted or not depending on your needs and tastes. I always go pretty cheap and cheerful when it comes to butter for baking - it's Lactantia unsalted for the rest.

          1. re: Arcadiaseeker

            For me the best around is also Lactantia. BUT it must be the Cultured Butter. I much prefer the salted - but it's become hard to find. Only place I've found that regularly stocks it is Fiesta Farms - who, incidentally, have the best selection overall.

            Fiesta Farms
            200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

        2. I noticed some locally-made butter in the fridge at About Cheese. Didn't pick it up yet, as I have a brick of Kerrygold still to consume... but it's on my mental list of stuff to try!

          However, Echire and the like aren't butters I'd bake with. Though I would be happy to pick up a spoon...

 -- food. is. love.

          About Cheese
          3467 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N, CA

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          1. re: jlunar

            Kawartha Diary butter is our fav!

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              Tried two Canadian specialty butters from About Cheese on Church a while back and they were terrible. More like a bad overripe French Triple Cream cheese than butter. Unfortunately they didn't have any imported butter.

              However, tried the German Maggle Alpenbutter on a recent trip to the states and it is to die for ! Available in specialty European shops and it blows the doors off Kerrygold and Double Devon.

            2. I like Stirling creamery butter, which is available in many natural food stores and the usual suspects (Pusateri's, McEwan, etc). For eggs, I've been happy with Rowe's farms free range eggs, which is available in the organics section of Real Canadian Superstore.

              Both are readily available in places close to me to so that's a bonus.