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Feb 1, 2010 10:17 AM

Good Ramen shop in Princeton area?

Does anybody know of a good japanese ramen shop in NJ? I'm willing to visit any excellent ones, though the closer to Princeton the better.

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  1. Inspired by the NYT's Travel section article yesterday? If not, give it a read.

    1. not that i know of. the only one i know about in NJ is in Mitsuwa food court up in Edgewater.

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        If you make it up to gotta try their shio (salt) ramen with the special pork. So so so so so good.

      2. Edo in New Brunswick is now advertising themselves as a sushi and ramen place. There is also Rai Rai Ramen #3 in North Brunswick, which I have been wanting to try but it is an hour+ drive for me. Has anyone been to either?

        Edo Japanese Restaurant
        68 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

        Rai Rai Ramen #3
        1980 New Jersey 27, North Brunswick Township, NJ 08873

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          Rai rai is a great little ramen spot! Upon walking in it looks like a run of the mill chinese take out place as they also serve sushi/chinese but it is a RAMEN house. An hour is a long drive but...

          1. re: enzen

            My husband and I tried Rai Rai. It is a hole in the wall, but not expensive and the server was very patient in answering my questions about the menu. I recommend getting one of the mini ramen sets with fried rice - their pork fried rice was absolutely delicious! Oh, and the ramen was good too. But I love fried rice!

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              my husband & i tried rai rai ramen today. it's in a strip mall w 2 small indian restaurants. i was seriously desiring ramen. it's an authentic chinese place w specials written in chinese on the walls. hus was happy with his chicken chow fun and i with my bowl of ramen noodle soup w ''melt in yr mouth' oxtail. friendly service. byob. next time will try the wonton ramen.

            2. re: enzen

              What is the address of this place?

              1. re: wench31

                1980 route 27 in North Brunswick

                1. re: ruf

                  wow, that place has changed hands at least 3 times
                  I first came to know it as Taiwan Wok or something like that

          2. Yes! Just discovered honshu in the nassau shopping strip (mercer mall). hard to see it's behind houlihan's etc... It's japanese and korean and they have ramen.... VERY GOOD!

            1. does anyone know if rai rai is still good?

              are there any new ramen spots in the mercer county area?