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Chili with Beans?

I love chili, but the kind I like (and love to make, except when I'm feeling lazy) is with meat and beans. Beef and kidney beans. Turkey black bean. Sort of fiery, but not so crazy you can't eat it. Top it with some cheese and sour cream, and I'm reallly happy

I'm not a fan of Tommy's chili, or most of those chilis that top hot dogs and burgers around LA. So where can I find the chili I like? I'm at a loss.


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  1. i haven't tried it yet, but i have heard good things about Chili John's in Burbank. they make chili with beans.

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      Chili John's has good chili with all levels of heat.

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        Believe me I like hot. I went to Chili Johns for a supply of chili for a football game. I rodered the medium and I was the only one who could eat it without complaining of how hot it was. I have heard but have not tried the chili at Jinky's in Sherman Oaks is supposed to be pretty good but I don't know if it has beans or not.

    2. Try Tubs in Culver City. They have this chili oil that you can pick out EXACTLY the strenght of heat.


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        Second Tubs, I like the turkey best, really good, made with beans I forget what kind ...

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          3rd! Good weather for chili right now too.

        2. I'll second the suggestion of Chili John's in Burbank. It has nice retro atmosphere, plus, if you wish, you can order your chili and beans with spaghetti, the way God intended it to be served.

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            I can't believe I never heard of this place and I've lived in the NoHo area for 30 years. It's too late now that I've moved to Vegas.

          2. I, too, must chime in for Chili John’s. The real deal, fo’ sho! Get it straight (mild thru extra hot) or with beans or spaghetti. Good hot tamales too. The food, service and the atmosphere have not changed a bit in the 35 years of my patronage. They also sell the fixings (chili, beans) to take home and build your own. I like to add some dark brew and a few secret ingredients to mine to rock it up a notch and let it cook down low and slow in the crock pot for a couple of hours.

            John Isaac founded chili John’s back in 1913 in Green Bay, WI. The second link below is for the original store and will give you a bit of history. I’ve eaten at both. They’re very much the same.

            Chili John’s
            2018 W. Burbank Blvd.
            Burbank, CA 91506
            (818) 846-3611



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              I'll go with Tubs as well, but it's not a great ambience to sit and eat in. . My vote is for Brennan's Pub on Lincoln Blvd in the Marina - the best restaurant chili I've found here. Godd pub fare - fabulous chili.

              Brennan's Pub
              4089 Lincoln Blvd. • Marina Del Rey • (310) 821-6622

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                CJ's has TAMALES too? OOooohhhh....

                There was an ancient chili joint in Nashville that sold chili with beans, of course - that was the basic - but 2-way had spaghetti, 3-way had spaghetti and cheese, 4-way had all that plus tamales. It's been gone twenty years or more, but perhaps Burbank has what I've been missing

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                  A chili tamale, the winner is Earle'z on Crenshaw... they use La Indiana Tamales, fresh, delivered everyday....

                  It's a complete gut bomb though...


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                    That might be the winner, but Chili John's is on my way to a lot of other places I go... and it's close! I will however leave myself open to all options, as I'm sure you know. Where on Crenshaw?

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                      Crenshaw and Jefferson...


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                        My approach … hop on the 60-fwy west to La Indiana Tamales, pick-up a dozen. Jump right on the 5-fwy north and stop by Chili John’s to pick-up my chile kit. Roll on home to mix and enjoy the best of both worlds – tamales and chili that is. Yeah, Buddy! Rollin’ like a big shot!

                        … still think I have to give Earlez a shot, though.

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                          Actually Crenshaw and Exposition. Right next to the new Rail Line construction.

                          Earlez Grille
                          3630 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

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                          The Chili at Earlz is different also. I think for me the Chiii John's would be perferct on a tamale. For hamburger chili my go to is Art's on Valley Blvd. just east of Peck. Shakas on Garfield also has some really nice chili.

                  2. You don't say where you are or how far you'll go. How 'bout the San Fernando Valley?


                    Whoops -- didn't know it was (temporarily) closed. Anybody know what happened?

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                      The owner died. I haven't heard anything but wishful thinking about it reopening.

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                        I think that is not going to happen, one can pray though.

                    2. Thanks for these responses--I almost forgot I posted. My cravings are fleeting. So Chili John's is a chain?

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                        If you call a restaurant in Wisconsin and one out here a chain then yes. But think of it as a chain like In n Out Burger. A chain that's family owned with quailty control.

                      2. I definitely recommend Tubs or Chili John's both places have the best chili I have ever had.

                        1. Another great chili can be found at Joey’s BBQ in Chino, owned by Ray and Luria Moors (not to be confused with Joey's Smokin' BBQ). They have several locations but I still prefer the country farmhouse ambience of the original.

                          The BBQ is good, but their chili and homemade sausage is what prompts my continued return visits over the past 25 years. The chili is a thick, rich concoction made with their smoked beef brisket and topped with melted cheese. It looks almost like a casserole and has a wonderfully savory chew and flavor. I love it and always take some home. I like to ask for extra cheese and to cut up a few pieces of sausage and add them to the mix.

                          If you go in the evenings, you can sit and listen to Johnny Bennett is play guitar and sing "2 Cheeseburgers and a Chocolate Malt" in the backyard. It’s a worthy destination. Call to find out Johnny’s current days/hours. He’s a riot.

                          Joey’s BBQ
                          3689 Riverside Dr.
                          Chino CA 91710
                          (909) 628-1231

                          1. Mi amigo.................I'm not sure where you live, but I can give you a Texas perspective on the subject.

                            As far as beans in chili goes.........if I was Governor of Texas I would have a law passed that would make putting beans in chili a capital crime with the punishment of being hung in public!

                            Not really.....haha.......but almost! Beans have no place in chili..............period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            If you want to try a traditional chili mix check out Carroll Shelby's chili mix. It's avalable everywhere here. Great stuff!!

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                              Shelby's is the best. I've used it for years and kick it up a notch or 2 but never any beans; just chunks of boneless chuck and serrano or habanero chili. Optional ingredients are garlic cloves and onion.

                            2. Strangely enough, Bristol Farms Markets has some decent chili's of various types, either hot at the soup bar, or in the refrigerated section for varieties that aren't currently out at the soup bar.

                              1. Zippy's chili over rice