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Feb 1, 2010 09:42 AM

Best Pig Knuckles?

Now that the Taverne Square Dominion has re-opened minus the famous whole pig's knuckle, where might you find some of Montreal's better knuckles?

Not sure how many taverns still serve this delicacy but I would like to be able to sample a few of the better ones. And, yes, PDC's knuckles dont count in this research. Been there, done that.....

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  1. They serve a pig's knuckle at les 3 brasseurs.

    1. Magnon in the point used to serve them, probably still do but I haven't been in years. To my recollection they were pretty good. You might want to check it out.

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      1. re: berbatov

        Just for clarity, it's called Magnan it will help the OP do a research on it if needs be.

        Second, they still have the pig knuckles on the menu, but never had them so i can't comment on whether or not they are good.

        3 brasseurs also have them, and they are pretty good, but can't compare to Dominion since i've never had them there.

        Magnan Restaurant Et Taverne
        2602 Rue Saint-Patrick, Montreal, QC H3K1B8, CA

        1. re: westaust

          Went to 3 brasseurs on Ste. Catherine last evening to try out the House Speciality, "jarret de Porc". Not even close to the old Dominion Tavern plate. A couple of pig knuckle slices, say 3 cm thick and round, braised in a brown sauce, supposedly for a few hours. Meat was tough, sauce unflattering and baked potato with butter and sour cream was no match for traditional boiled potato.

          One good thing was happy hour on Le Blonde, full pint for $4.00. Total tab was $20 tip/tax included for beer and Jarret.

          Off to Magna next!!

          1. re: JohnnyGeWiz

            Give us a report after trying pig knuckles at Magnan.

            1. re: BLM

              Did the Magnan Knuckle thing over the weekend at the Saint Patrick street location. And my craving for this delicacy has now been FULLY satisfied. Served just the way it should be, full knuckle, boiled and not braised, with fat on for you to trim off if you so desire to, with bold sauerkraut without the additives to color it up and a large boiled potato on the side.

              Feeling much better now.... So where else in town can we get some of these delicacies???

              1. re: JohnnyGe

                Do you happen to remember how much the pig knuckles cost at Magnan?

                  1. re: blond_america

                    Dinner including happy hour glasses (2) of beer was $20 all in. A good deal!

        2. Wonder why did Taverne Sqare Dominion take off pig knuckles off their menu, when it was their speciality(I even eaten their pig knuckles)?

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          1. re: BLM

            They replaced the "whole" pig's knuckle with a half -which seems a little stingy to me given that it's one of the cheapest cuts of meat.

            Btw, my bf ordered it, and all it was was bone and fat and barely any meat ( i know, that's what is usually is anyway, IMHO). He wasn't impressed and the waiter came over twice to offer him another dish (he declined) and it was removed from our bill.

            I should be posting this under the other topic but now that i've started typing I'm too lazy to switch...

            The Dominion was great; the decor, the service was outstanding (i think they do have the staff read that NYT article ( ) The food was quite fine 7.5/10.

            1. re: BLM

              i sold the tavern and the new owner turrn the place in a bistro

            2. just go to taverne chez capri, the pig knukle is much much much better,bigger, meatyer and cheaper than magnan!!!! its 3 blocks east of magnan on st patrick.

              the real name is : la barserie chez capri, i think...

              bon apetit!!!

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              1. re: alainb

                I passed that place a few times and seeing the old fashioned "Bienvenue aux Dames" and "Boeuf Fumé Jumbo" never gave it a thought.
                Thanks for the tip!

                1. re: porker

                  Did the Brasserie Capri thing last nite amid the St. Paddy's brouhaha, and they move to the TOP of my Pig Knuckles list for sure. Simple plate of plain sauerkraut, a couple of boiled potatoes and a monster knuckle. Well, maybe not monster when compared to what has traditionally been served as pig knuckles in the city's brasseries, but definitely monster compared to recent attempts to search out the best of today's crop.

                  Simple yet delicious, marinated to a tee, and well presented. Service typical of your brasserie, aka tavern avec femmes, just stick up your arm and along comes the nearest waiter, platter of draft ready to drop on your table. Watched the highlights of the Paraolympics on RDS while quaffing the draft and enjoying the knuckle. Ahhh, for simpler times!!!

                  So Capri on top, followed by Magnans, and 3 brasseurs a distant third. Any more competitors worth checking out?????

                  Brasserie Capri
                  2172 Rue Saint-Patrick, Montreal, QC H3K1B1, CA

                  1. re: JohnnyGe

                    My brasserie memories are a bit fuzzy, but I think Brasserie Des Sources (on Sources near 40) used to have pretty good knuckle. However, the last time I was there, maybe 3 or 4 years ago, the server said they only make them on Saturday (or maybe only on weekends) now.
                    I settled for shreego - bits of knuckle and meatballs in a burnt flour gravy, Quebec terroir stuff for sure. It was very good.

                    1. re: porker

                      Shreego? What's a shreego? I tried googling it with variations on the spelling and came up with bubkes.

                      The dish you describe sounds a lot like Ragoût de pattes.

                      1. re: SnackHappy

                        Yeah, a variant on ragout de pattes - just what my mother used to call it - kinda like sh!t on a shingle, sans shingle, with whatever pork product was at hand (knuckle, minced, etc)

                    2. re: JohnnyGe

                      it's the best i found of that style, there is always le pied de cochon for the fancier version butpersonaly, i prefer the taverne style patte de cochon. in Prague, it's a dish they serve at every pub, boiled and then roasted on a charcoal fire... pretty damn good!!!!
                      chez capri, you can have a raw but marinated knukle to go, you can then cook it that way at home... pretty awesome!!

                      1. re: alainb

                        I've been wanting to try the Ragoût de pattes from la Binerie on Mont-Royal...any thoughts?
                        Speaking about international pigs feet, I saw this
                        and am totally intrigued. Yet to try the recipe, but its will be soon before the summer weather kicks in!

                        1. re: porker

                          Nice recipe.... send me an invite when you ready to try this one out. I'll bring along a few biers... just in case!

                  2. The original comment has been removed